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Los Social websites They have become a great platform for people moving to other countries to share their experience and talk not only about the positive side but also about the difficulties they face when immigrating for the first time.

This is the case Agos Menendez, a young woman from Argentina currently living in Spain. Through a TikTok video, he talked about “things he wished he knew” before he left for Europe and his story generated all kinds of reactions among users.

“I’m making this video because a lot of people promote immigration and they tell you all the good stuff and no one tells you what you need to know.”He started by saying girl.

So, he began to explain the very complex matter of leaving his home country and starting to live in a country like Spain. “The truth is, it’s very difficult to get established here.”He revealed adding that It is important to travel with a substantial amount of money Find a good place to live.

On the other hand, he assured that it is necessary to carry out procedures in this part of Europe, to be able to work legally, it will take time, and not only that. Expensive.

“You come and the next day you have a job, an apartment and you’re already thinking of traveling around Europe, you’re traveling around the world as everyone shows you … it’s not like that”He commented.

For this reason, he suggested taking all the relevant signed documents, as it could take almost a year to get some documents; However, according to Agos’ account, this may not be the most difficult part of moving to Spain.

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All is not rosy when moving to Europe

“We’re hours away from Argentina, and a lot of times you call your friends and say, ‘Hey, it’s 4 in the morning here.'”The addition of Argentina emphasizes how complicated it is to talk to friends or family.

The video posted by the young woman garnered thousands of views and generated all kinds of reactions. Some netizens agreed with him and said that the dream of immigrating to a European country is not as easy as most people believe.

“People give up trying not to doubt that romantic fantasy, and then they attack it”; “I lived in Spain from 2003 to 2009 and it was perfect; it’s not easy as they say… yes, it’s a wonderful country”; “I was in Spain for 11 months with my husband and we needed a lot to get him a job… obviously we No friends”; “What I miss the most is that here I don’t have a social life or anything, I don’t have friends, I’m lucky to become independent, two months later I already achieved it,” people wrote.

Requirements Peruvians must meet to travel to Spain

According to the page Requirements for travel to that country:

  • A valid passport
  • Documents justifying the purpose and conditions of the planned stay
  • Enter through one of the authorized levels
  • Demonstrate the availability of conditions and economic means for the planned stay
  • Should not be subject to entry barriers

Do you need a visa to visit Spain?

Citizens of any other EU state or citizens of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein may enter Spain for a period not exceeding 90 days. You only need to submit your identity documents which are not expired.

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What is the minimum wage in Spain 2023?

The minimum wage in Spain this year 2023 is close to 1,080 euros, generating a total of 15,120 euros per year, according to reports from the BOE.

What to do in Spain?

You must be over 18 years old and have residence and work authorization to start working in Spain. Among the most in-demand jobs for immigrants are foreign workers and those in the social services sector, such as cleaning and hospitality.

How much money do you need to live in Spain?

How much do you need to live in Spain? To live on a basic or average level in Spain, you need about 1,500 euros per month. This amount is calculated per individual and includes food, housing, basic services (electricity, telephone, water, gas), transport, clothing and entertainment.

What is the economic status of Spain?

Spain It remains a country with strong inequalities: according to the latest Eurostat data, 28% of people are at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2021 (the fourth highest level in the EU), despite a relatively low GDP per capita. (USD 46,551 in 2022) IMF).

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