Diego Repagliati reveals Roberto Mosquera's departure from Cesar Vallejo isn't just down to poor results

The sports analyst said the departure Roberto Masqueira This is not limited to football issues. Why did 'Boida' stop as a painting coach?

Mosquera's last title was the 2021 Bicentenario Cup with Sporting Cristal. Photo: Libero Mix/Movistar Deportes/Liga 1

After poor results in recent games, Universidad César Vallejo coach Roberto Mosquera announced his resignation. Trujillo's company decided not to reveal the reason behind the decision and wished the veteran strategist a speedy recovery.

In the last Al Angulo project, Diego Repagliati Mosquera is suffering from severe back pain, which is why he missed some matches in Ligue 1 2024.

Especially your back hurts, it restricts you so much, you are in pain all day and you can't move. In the case of Roberto (Musqueira), it must have been very difficult for him to lead a training session. Sometimes the coach acts as a referee or tries to run, standing, moving, correcting a technical movement, directing a sign or football drill; If he is restricted from that spot, it could be a mutual agreement between him and Vallejosaid the spokesperson.

Likewise, Rapagliatti indicated that if Vallejo's situation in the standings was different, it probably would be. The club would have happened His perpetuity for the rest of the championship.

He should have said: I can't even travel to Sullana, I can't go to the game, the team needs someone with a different level of energy.. Obviously if Vallejo is in the lead, they'll be behind him, they'll trust the assistant and give him a little more time. Because, let's be fair, the most important game Vallejo played between February and March was against Huancayo.“, he revealed.

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