Dilbert Aguilar out of ICU: “His loved ones are taking care of him,” music producer says.

Dilbert Aguilar is already out of the ICU and recovering with the help of his wife Jazmín Gutarra and his brothers. Facebook/@Dilbert Aguilar

Health status Dilbert Aguilar His hospitalization has caused great concern among his supporters ever since it came to light Intensive care unit (UCI) one Miraflores Hospital. It has now been reported that the cumbia singer has passed the critical stage Alex MunozMusic producer and close family friend.

“Dear friends, brothers and colleagues, I am making this public statement to avoid speculation and to unmask malicious people. It is only because of their evil hearts that they create anxiety for all of us who love and cherish us Dilbert Aguilar. He already informed you He is out of danger and making a full recovery“, he explained Munoz.

“Please raise our prayers for his speedy recovery and we sincerely urge him to return to the stage where he should always be, to the delight of his audience,” he added in a letter posted on Facebook.

Dilbert Aguilar is in recovery mode. Facebook/@Alex Muñoz

Alex Munoz Don't hesitate to send him a message Dilbert Aguilar. “My little brother, you know I love you. From here, with tears in my eyes, I write this because fake news is spreading. Don't die, you know I love you so much. Come on, Chat, you can! The views await you“, under control.

In the same publication, the music producer clarified that he had spoken directly with his wife Dilbert Aguilar With his brothers accompanying the singer this time. “They said he has already recovered“, he said in one of the comments.

Music producer gives details on Dilbert Aguilar's health. Facebook/@Alex Muñoz

Oscar Gratos Rodriguezmember Dilbert Aguilar and the La Tribu BandHe assured that the prominent artiste's life was no longer in danger and details of his condition were being handled locally.

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“There is one great God who knows all things. We put everything aside, we are a family and everything will be fine. Dilbert Aguilar has been around for a while, we are an orchestra united and blessed by God, don't talk nonsense. Thanks to all his fans, Dilbert is strong again, dancing and having fun with his entire audience,” he wrote on his social networks.

The composer confirmed that Dilbert Aguilar is not in danger.

This was reported last Tuesday Dilbert Aguilar He was admitted Intensive care unit of Essalut Hospital of AngamosLocated in Miraflores, since last January 19, a day caused problems with his breathing tube. Pulmonary fibrosis.

“He suddenly fell ill while at a presentation in the interior of the country. They immediately transferred him to a center in the area and then transferred him to our capital,” a person close to him told Diario Expresso.

Dilbert Aguilar is in critical condition and his family has flown to Lima to care for him.

Claudia Portogarero' popularly known asNasita', he told the show.Everything is filteredHe tried to visit the hospitalized cumbia singer. But he could not see it due to shift change.

“I started calling him and he didn't answer me; then Jasmine (his partner) answered me. I asked how are you and he didn't answer. Until I started searching all the hospitals and got his report. I know he is in ICU and he has fibrosis and he has been hospitalized since last 19th.. (…) I am not in a position to speak because I am not well, for me Dilbert is my brother, with whom I have shared my life for many years,” said the model's partner. Dilbert Aguilar For many years.

Claudia Portocarrera worries about Dilbert Aguilar's health.

Peruvian singer Dilbert Aguilar He faced from birth Jain A significant challenge after diagnosis Poliomyelitis, a disease that affected his motor development. A lecturer in tropical music in Peru has shown exemplary strength by excelling in her field despite being diagnosed with the condition at the age of eight months.

Esladi Edilberto Aguilar Fernandez, better known as Dilbert Aguilar, was born on August 4, 1974 in Cajamarca.

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