Dina Boluarte and Gabriel Boric will meet next week in America United Nations | Peru

Dina Boluarte and Gabriel Boric will meet next week in America  United Nations |  Peru

The first bilateral meeting at the presidential level will be held next week by Peru’s leaders, In Boluarte; and from Chile, Gabriel Boric. It will be within the framework of the General Assembly United NationsIt will be held in New York, the South’s Ambassador Oscar Fuentes Lira announced.

In this regard, he noted that considering our membership in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), various multifaceted issues will be discussed in this meeting.

except that Chile Supporting Peru in the process of joining the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), among other aspects, it contributes to the development of a common agenda“, he pointed out in an interview with Diálogo Abierto National Radio.

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Fuentes Lira highlighted it It was able to prevent an embarrassing situation in the Pacific Alliance of sister countries like Colombia and Mexico With the handover of the presidency For now For Peru, this represents a victory for these countries’ diplomacy.

another time, He opined that this alliance was formed purely for economic purpose and not for political purpose. and confirmed that Costa Rica would soon join as a member state and Singapore as a subsidiary state.

He explained that He works at the level of Deputy Ministers With two basic objectives; First, to ensure that Costa Rica remains a full member of the alliance, and second, to allow Singapore to become the first associated country pending the addition of other countries such as Korea, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Panama and Ecuador.

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This will allow us to open up new markets and negotiate with the great powers, agreements that will be detailed at the next meeting in our city in October.” he added.

He also emphasized Since 2014, when the International Court of Justice issued its ruling on the maritime dispute, relations between Peru and Chile They follow the path of natural and better understandingWith great solidity and maturity in political, economic, cultural and social fields.

Currently, Bilateral relations of brotherhood and mutual cooperation It is evident in the excellent connection between armed forcesPolice agencies and parliamentary committees to work on issues such as citizen protection and promotion Tourism.


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