Is the iPhone 15 worth it? Everything you need to know about the new phone

The release of the iPhone is always a cult event that turns the mobile market upside down. Apple has always incorporated aspects of surprise and innovation that differentiate it from the competition and maintain loyalty among its millions of customers.

In the case of Apple’s most recent announcement, the iPhone 15, opinions are particularly divided: The new range has been criticized for a lack of innovation, while others highlight a number of improvements that go unnoticed by the naked eye.

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We analyze the most innovative features of the new team to understand whether these are clearly important changes.

Externally, some changes

The new phones are practically identical to the previous note except for two details: the material of the equipment, now titanium (not steel), with more rounded corners.

Now ‘Dynamic Island’ (an interactive notch with enhanced notifications on the front screen) is available on all models; The new page has an ‘Action Button’ It toggles the tab to silence the phone and can be configured to perform other functions.

A new port

The traditional bottom lighting port has been replaced by a USB Type C one, The market standard, which will give the phone higher data transfer speeds and charging times (and less hassle with European regulations).

So what’s new? The magic is inside: iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max They have the new A17 Pro ‘brain’A chip that gives the phone new artificial intelligence capabilities (isolates voice in calls, transcribes messages, gets improved camera functions, and enables many other apps and functions.)

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Sports power

The GPU (a chip dedicated to graphics power) has an extra core (5 to 6), now supported by ray tracing technology, typical of powerful chips in the video game world.

Apple reports the camera also has improvements: optical zoom went from 4x to 5x with seven focal lengths, and A 48-megapixel wide-angle lens enhances the quality of open scenes.

The remaining characteristics are accurate between models 14 and 15.

The new iPhone 15 will arrive in Colombia in the first week of October. The iPhone 15 will cost $700 in the US; $899 iPhone 15 Plus; The iPhone 15 Pro costs $999 and the iPhone 15 Pro Max costs $1,199. The last three are 6.7-inch screens, with the base iPhone 15 having a 6.1-inch monitor.

iPhone 15 vs. Other models

For those with a model like the iPhone 11, 12 or 13, there will be many improvements in terms of the phone’s material, better cameras and a more powerful processor (‘brain’) with artificial intelligence and GPU. with High performance for video games.

iPhone 14 Pro Max owners, vs. The new iPhone 15 Pro Max will again feature a USB-C connector with improved data transfer between phone and computer; Action button (which replaces the silent button and includes the option to configure it for other tasks); A new, more powerful brain with better capabilities for artificial intelligence (A16 to A17 Pro); Faster GPU with improved gaming technology; And improved zoom in the camera.

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Apple Watch Series 9 y Ultra

El Apple Watch 9 and el Apple Ultra 2 They incorporate the S9 app, which provides the ability to control the device with a simple double tap, Without touching the screen, thanks to advanced sensors including accelerometers and gyroscopes, the watch can detect the movement of the wearer’s fingers.

With 5.6 billion transistors and a 30 percent more powerful GPU, this processor is the most powerful ever developed for the Apple Watch.

As for The Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes with a larger screen and longer battery life.

The company highlighted its capabilities in functions such as scuba diving and emergency satellite messaging when it launched last year.

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