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The Office of the National Prosecutor It decided last Monday to initiate preliminary proceedings against the President In Boluarte For illegal enrichment and failure to file a statement in the papers “due to the use of Rolex brand watches”.

The President has worn various watches on official occasions since taking office. At least one of them is advanced and Never worn beforeWhen he was Vice-President of the Republic and Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, expressed through the “La Encerrona” project.

It is not yet known whether he has registered the high-end watch as part of his assets in his affidavits of assets, income and income from 2021 till date to the Comptroller General.

The President wore a Rolex watch during the closing ceremony. (Photo: President)

Comptroller Nelson Shaikh said, “In the affidavits of assets and income submitted to the Comptroller's Office, asset-wise asset-by-asset details are not declared unless they are motor vehicles. […] [Pero sí] “A reference sum of assets established by one.”

Assets include jewellery, antiques, paintings and other works of art worth more than two tax units (UIT); That is, S/ 10,300 mentioned in the affidavit.

The president recently hinted that the Rolex he wears is an item from “the past.”

“I use it occasionally, and what I want to say is: I entered the palace with clean hands, and I will leave with clean hands,” he said.

Boluarte added: “What I want to say, not to biased news, but to all of Peru: I have been working since I was 18, and what I have is the result of my effort and my work.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianson refused to answer reporters' questions about the case last Monday. He only said: “I will address this issue for the last time. In the Speaker's view, the President has responded sufficiently openly and fully to these statements. […]. “It's a personal issue and it's not my place to speak.”

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Lawyer Joseph Campos, the president's legal defender in other cases, pointed out that the prosecutor's office must be careful in the process of opening an investigation against the head of state, “because every investigation ultimately precipitates an opinion that affects democratic legitimacy.”

“I am not the president's lawyer on this issue. However, I am worried that a situation like this could cause a crisis that could eventually end in legal problems,” he told El Comercio.

In March of last year, the First Corporate Western Provincial Prosecutor's Office, which specializes in money laundering crimes, ordered the president to be investigated for the prohibited crimes of financing political organizations and criminal organizations for alleged illegal contributions to the Peru Libre party campaign in 2021. Elections.

You need to explain the origin of the clock

Criminal lawyer Andy Carrión explained that Polwart had a duty to justify the appearance of the watch.

“When prosecuting the crime of illegal enrichment, the burden of proof shifts. That is, it is not the prosecutor's office that must prove the existence of unjust enrichment, but the accused must prove how he obtained the assets in question,” he said in a conversation with El Comercio.

Carrion added that the Attorney General's Office can only move forward until the preliminary investigation phase is over. “I cannot make such an accusation,” he said.

The attorney noted: “There is an argument that the attorney general can make his case, and it's up to the Republican Congress to decide whether to remove the jurisdiction. The problem is, if that happens, it loses the ability to arrest without restraint, and with it to seek detention to prosecute. In practice we will be without a president. That is why there are some reservations about reaching the preparatory inquiry stage.

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Till the time of publication of this note, Government House had no comment.

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