Dive into ‘bluetech’ technology to protect the hydrosphere

“A sea of ​​problems means we have problems,” he said. Sylvia EarleAmerican marine biologist, upon collection Princess of Asturias Award in 2018. said the analyst All people are connected to the hydrosphere in one way or another (layer of water around the earth). Not in vain, the Underwater life safety One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. To contribute to this, entrepreneurship and innovation create a new type of organization: ‘Bluetech’.

Blue investmentA European Commission fund dedicated to promoting investment in technologies to protect the hydrosphere, defines A statement For ‘bluetech’ like that “Activities, technologies and infrastructure related to ocean data collection, simulation and prediction“As such, they are closely linked to the blue economy, referring to a set of sectors and policies that use marine resources.

Bluetech companies are still in the minority compared to other companies dedicated to improving the relationship between human activity and the environment. Cleantech ecosystem map of Spain Published 2023 by ‘El Referente’ in association with ICEX Spain. However, there are companies that are already actively cooperating Two areas: data collection and waste disposal.

‘Bluetech’ and the power of ocean data

The terrestrial hydrosphere is reached 21.1°C in 2023, the highest average temperature since records existedAccording to Published data by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This has consequences such as increased occurrence of extreme climate events or loss of marine biodiversity. United Nations. Therefore, it is important to measure and understand these impacts in order to decide what actions should be taken in this regard.

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This is one of the main objectives of Canary Islands Ocean floorBluetech offers services to collect Valuable oceanographic data. This information is collected by using Autonomous marine vehicles and floating floats, This allows for a detailed understanding of various aspects of the marine environment, from water temperature to the concentration of pollutant species.

In Spain, you can also find private initiatives contributing to ‘bluetech’. Among them is Digital Earth Solutions, A company that developed software to predict the geographic evolution of toxic spills in minutes and with high accuracy. Another example Goa Biotech, A startup with technology to track pathogens that can cause disease outbreaks in fish. That too Premium Catamarans, It consists of autonomous vessels capable of transmitting real-time data useful for carrying out studies such as fisheries management or seabed mapping.

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