Do Hair Dryers Have Harmful Technology? It is a modification of infrared light

AirLight Pro, an infrared light and air hair dryer

Within the framework of the world's most important technology exhibition, CES 2024, a device was invented that uses technology to maintain the hair while drying, as the dryers used today are said to be usually closer to the hair. affects it.

So, it was fashionable at the fair Airlight Pro, a hair dryer that redefines the way this technology is applied to hair to contribute to professional hair care. and domestic.

This popular product combines infrared light and air, speeding up the drying process and reducing energy consumption by 31%.

truly, Awarded Innovation Award for Technology CES 2024For the first time in the history of the fair, which was said to be an unprecedented event, a beauty company delivered the event's keynote or opening speech.

Guive Balooch is Head of Augmented Beauty and Innovation at Loreal (Infobae).

Drone engineers and leaders in science participated in the hair care project, To create the Airlight Pro, it is a device that not only dries the hair, but also hydrates with technology and protects the natural texture.

The device, which will be available in the US this year in 2024, represents an important advance in technology worldwide for both beauticians and consumers, as more damage to hair is avoided with older technology.

The device incorporates tungsten-halogen bulbs in its patented infrared technology (L'Oréal).

The Airlite Pro differs from conventional dryers by having a high-speed motor and 17 blades. It incorporates tungsten-halogen bulbs in its patented infrared technology, which promotes rapid drying without generating harmful heat.

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In this sense, a group of more than 100 engineers and scientists from both teams were able to analyze the damage to hair and the environment before.

The concept, initiated by Augment Beauty's integration, research and innovation team, is implemented in Airlight Pro. As the model of the future of beauty care, customization and attention to each user's specific needs are fundamental priorities.

So, during the keynote speech at CES, everything that technology can bring to the beauty industry was shown, for example, they invited the actress Eva Longoria, who said that she dyed her gray hair for many years and demonstrated how to use the device (Colorsonic) to dye hair at home .

In addition, they were talking to a “beauty genius,” a digital assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) that could advise users on skin, hair, and makeup.

Technology is an essential part of the industry, with advances such as creating synthetic leathers to stop the use of animal products in testing.

CES 2024 is organized from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. Companies are announcing the most significant products and new technologies that will be introduced in the coming months. (Infobae)

According to Samantha Mong, marketing director of AI manicure machine Nimble, the lack of companies at the fair dedicated to beauty technology means that new technologies take longer to develop.

Mang notes that his $499 machine, which uses AI and cameras to map and paint nails, represents a change and “solves a problem.”

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