Do movies lie? Space doesn't explode, that's why

You must have seen a movie that takes place in space. It's hard to find a science fiction story that doesn't have an area beyond one or more planets where the story takes place, but even these non-fiction stories generally obey certain laws of physics, one of which is There can be no explosion in space.

The truth is that this statement should be taken with a grain of salt, but in this context it is a complicated situation under normal or routine conditions.

Physics says: There can be no explosion in space

We have already discussed on other occasions what are the characteristics of space in all its splendor. It is a place Cannot transmit sound And if that's not enough, it's an inhospitable environment anyway. We don't just have to talk about the potential threats that lie beyond It's a cool place.

What happens is that to many people it seems like a place where anything can happen, but there are things that science fiction has accustomed us to that are simply not true. The most common may be explosions in space, cWhen it's quite the opposite.

Yes, as you read on, you've been fooled for so long by watching some of the most famous scenes with explosions inside the Earth in cinematic history. But we're going to rely on what science tells us, what's outside of our planet and the properties of the vast universe around us.

It is a simple task and it is an exercise in logic. In explosions something like sound happens and they don't have a medium or any material to propel them. By itself, an explosion cannot happen in space. For example, if two asteroids collide, the velocity and friction between the two surfaces do not matter. These bodies simply break into pieces, creating dust and scattering their remains in all directions.

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Two things are required for this to happen: The first is a gaseous element Capable of causing any combustion. This is important, and you can find it on Earth, because the presence of this type of flammable gas would be enough to cause an explosion due to combustion. The second is the one that creates pressure, since it is impossible in space. These two elements on our planet cause fire, and everything comes from subsequent combustion.

Potentially explosive atmospheres

As you can see, there cannot be an explosion in space as we know it on our planet. However, this does not mean that there are special events that can produce such an explosion. For example, Any internal fault in a probe or space station could cause an explosion Having oxygen inside will trigger the reaction we told you about.


However, there is another interesting hypothesis that could be caused by the conjunction of the stars. This phenomenon is not as it usually occurs, rather it is due to hydrogen explosion and oxidation, which we commonly call combustion. We can have this event under these conditions, but due to its composition it can be very powerful and can form other celestial bodies such as quasars.

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