Magaly Medina reveals that Alberto Otárola is married and compares him to Cristian Dominguez: “Tricky people” | Magaly TV La Firme | Showbiz

Alberto Otorola was accused of influence peddling after broadcasting several audios with Yasire Pinedo. Photo: LR Collection/YouTube Capture/Andina

The latest audios of the President of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otorola, are subject to the comments of the famous presenter Magali Medina. In his program, the popular 'Urraga' expressed his opinion on the content of the controversial recordings, comparing the situation to the attitude expressed by Cristian Dominguez, who was recently involved in the infidelity scandal. On the other hand, Medina asserted that the Prime Minister's actions were “an example of the lack of integrity at the highest level of the state”.

What did Magali Medina say about Prime Minister Alberto Otterola?

Magali Medina took a few minutes of her show to address the scandal that was unleashed after the audios were released. Alberto Otterola and Yasire Pinedo, In addition to the promise of lucrative jobs in the state, great affinity is evident.

'Magpie' He asserted that although these audios were recorded in 2021 and not recently, they reveal aspects of the morality of a person in a position of power in the government. Also, his revelation that the head of the cabinet is married has added an extra dimension to the controversy.

“Who hasn't listened to the Prime Minister's audios? Everyone has, and today everyone is discussing it. The truth is, while listening to those audios, I was making a reference to the highest authority of politics and the state…showbiz's 'Domínguez'. What we heard in the audios and videos So many kumbiamperos and cheaters, who fall in love with a person and make them kili… The audios are made in 2021 or 2023, this person got married and the audios talk about the moral character of a man who has reached a high position in the executive branch.”said Medina.

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Did Magali Medina compare Alberto Otterola to Christian Dominguez?

At one point in his program, Magali pointed out that Alberto Otorola's behavior reminded him of Cristian Dominguez and that they talked about the “discipline” of the leader of the PCM.

“I told my reporters in the morning that this is comparable to Dominguez, saving distance, because we listen to audios and read chats of Dominguez and total cheaters. It speaks to the moral character of people in politics. Cheaters, cheaters are everywhere, so don't come and say it's only in showbiz.. .This person is married, 2021 or 2023, he is married and this woman has now admitted that she had an affair with the first. , 2021 or 2023 is the same, it is cheating, it is the same lie, it speaks strongly, it should be a question for all of us to consider. It's like making Domínguez prime minister and bridging the gap.” You're lying. If you are capable of such deception, you are capable of anything” can be found in moral character and ethics. said the ATV presenter.

Who is Yasire Pinedo, a 25-year-old woman associated with Alberto Otorola?

The 25-year-old woman trained in administration is associated with various political figures such as Yaziré Pinedo Vásquez, Alberto Otárola, Nicanor Boluarte, Martín Vizcarra and César Figueredo who were right-hand men of the former president.

On March 3, Pinedo's name was raised in the media due to the 'Panorama' report, which suggested that he may have been irregularly employed in the state, thanks to the influence of Alberto Otorola, president of the PCM. According to press reports, a month after meeting senior government official Tina Poluarte, Pinedo received two service orders for a total of S/53,000 at the Ministry of Defense, where Alberto Otorola served as the highest official. The first order was placed in February 2023 for S/18,000, followed by May 3 for S/35,000.

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