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See this note Dollar price in Peru today, Monday, August 21, 2023, according to information released by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). Last Friday, August 18, the US currency closed at S/3.711 in the national market, while the interbank exchange rate averaged S/3.7151, with a minimum of S/3, 7100 and a maximum of S/3.7200.

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Meanwhile, on Thursday the 17th, the US currency closed at S/3,719 in the country, according to the issuing agency. Likewise, the interbank exchange rate had an average record of S/.3,7276At least S/3,7200 and a maximum of S/3,7320.

Green Ticket so far this year Returns 2.39% Compared to the last quotation of 2022 (S/3,807).

As explained Alison Perez, Renta4 SAB’s currency trader said during the day, demand for dollars was high from foreign capital, while supply came in small from corporates.

“Globally, China is creating uncertainty about its economy, yesterday it cut its interest rate. On the other hand, there is positive data in the US, as retail sales data came out better than expected, and the dollar continues to be the safe-haven currency globally”He insisted.

On the other hand, in the parallel market, the North American currency yesterday traded S/ 3.70 to buy and S/ 3.72 to sell on Tuesday.

Members of the United States Federal Reserve’s (FED) Federal Open Market Committee forecast a new interest rate hike at their last meeting and warned that inflation could rise in the coming months.

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“Most participants continued to see significant downside risks to inflation, which would require further tightening of monetary policy”Please confirm the minutes of the last meeting held in July and published this Wednesday.

The Fed’s fears were confirmed on August 10, when the inflation rate in the US rose two-tenths to 3.2% in July, after twelve straight months of decline.

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¿How much is the dollar today??

Exchange rate of the dollar in Peru for today’s session, Monday, August 21 According to SBS, it is available for purchase between S/3,720 and S/3,712. Likewise, the National Observatory of Customs and Excise Administration (Sunat), recording S/3.71 for buying and S/3.72 for selling.

Lastly, the platform Has an exchange rate quoted in S/. 3.70 purchase and S/. 3.72 for sale.

BCRP report on exchange rate decision

This is the final price of the dollar in the country on the last day of August (Friday 18).

How did the dollar close last week?

On Friday, August 18, the US dollar was priced at S/3.711, with an average bank exchange rate of S/3.7151, a high of S/3.7200 and a low of S/3. , was 7100.

¿Where to see the value of the dollar in Peru?

The official closing price of the day can be found on the website Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) and the Banking Supervision, Insurance and AFP (SBS).

¿What is the difference between the bid and ask price of the dollar??

• Purchase Price: What the buyer is willing to pay to acquire the property.

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• Selling Price: What the seller wants to get for selling the property.

¿What does the price of the dollar depend on??

The price of the dollar depends on market demand and supply. How difficult is it to get it to someone who needs it, and how easy is it to sell it to someone who has it?

¿How the dollar is quoted in free exchange apps?

Peruvian consumers are very interested in knowing the price and exchange rate of the US currency, especially when they need to make an important transaction to buy or sell that important currency. Here are some websites where you can convert dollars and other international currencies.

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  • Got the dollar
  • solar change

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