Donna Peta speaks for the first time about Ana Paula and her separation: “I can't give my son a wife, I'm like that” Showbiz Video | programs

Clears everything up. Donna Petta, mother Paolo GuerreroThe current partner of the 'Predator' company Ana Paula spoke about Consorte for the first time, after they were caught apart at the game in Peru, and although they went to the stadium together, they were not photographed. Not separated near.

Donna Betta talks about Ana Paula Consort

The Peruvian captain's mother denied that she was estranged from the Brazilian and that the claims were false.

“I am with someone my son loves and I cannot give him a wife. My son loves his wife, so should I, I have grandchildren, how can I leave, I am not leaving. That's the way I am (his character),” America bluntly told Hoy.

Donna Peta on Ana Paula and her friction with journalists: “Those are her problems”

When asked about Ana Paula Consort's statements against the Peruvian press, Doña Petta insisted that these were Carota issues, but was not concerned about what was being said in the media.

“I let them be (¿you don't mind ?) for nothing, I know what I am, she knows, he knows what I am, so no problem (but Paula has problems) I don't know, they are her. Problems, I don't know” under control.

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