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Although she's not yet 30 (she's 27), Mexican Sofía Castro has amassed an enviable resume spanning film, theater and television. The daughter of actor-producer José Alberto Castro and soap opera star Angelica Rivera, this actress with bright looks and vivid ideas is gearing up to enter Peruvian homes with the soap opera that marks her career. Castro brings Lucrezia to life in “Malverde: The Patron Saint,” the first major period proposition Telemundo will premiere in late 2021 and seek new markets through its international signal today. It is the story of Jesus Juarez, a daring bandit from Sinaloa who over time earned the nickname 'Mexican Robin Hood'.

As Sofia said in this exclusive issue for El Comercio's Skip Intro, filming this story set at the end of the 19th century meant not only the possibility to explore with an extroverted and empowered character like Lucrezia, but also the opportunity to interact with a quality cast. , with Carolina Miranda (Isabel Aguilar), Pedro Fernandez (Jesus Malverde) and more.

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Next, Castro answers about his role in “Malverde: the patron saint”, but also reflects on his career as an actress, the specialties of his character and finally, whether or not there are differences between regular television programs and streaming.

The novel premiered in 2021 and recorded 80 episodes. What specific memories do you have of that shoot?

I can't believe it's been three years! It was a great project and it left me with a lot. There were so many beautiful things, but the best thing was that it recorded a period story with everything it stands for: costumes, carriages and action scenes. Telemundo didn't skimp on production and budget. It made it easier for the story to have that ending and value.

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What characteristics define a woman like Lucrezia?

Despite the times, the social moment in the country, and being the sister of a general, Lucrezia will discover deeply that she is very revolutionary. It will get her into some trouble, but make for a great love story because all she wants is to be in love. My character paints all the time, and I think that soul of an artist makes her different for the times she lives in.

-In characters like Lucrezia, are you able to add some of your specialism as an actress or do you have to stick to the script entirely?

I stuck very closely to the script in some respects, but I think that Sophia wants to be in love with Lucrezia, to experience love. I started narrating the episodes before the interview and I remembered my character with joy and nostalgia because it was fun to play. She was a very relaxed girl. Despite the time, the corset, the skirt, Lucrezia was as light as water.

-I'm not going to ask you too many spoilers, but the first thing someone Googles about your character is the episode where you have to wear the wedding dress. Is this the moment you remember the most?

There were many special episodes. Lucrezia had a certain wardrobe as a general's sister. Also, since she drew, she had to be very revealing when dressing. He always brought a hat, gloves, umbrella, easel and a briefcase. He was always carrying things. And my clothes were very colorful and beautiful. But I remember going back when they put on my wedding dress. I think they bought it at an antique store and it was a kind of corset, sleeves, buttons, a veil and a big train. That is my most beautiful wardrobe.

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Sofia Castro with her parents. (Photo: Sofia Castro / Instagram)

-Can “Malverde: Patron Saint” be added to the famous genre of narco novels?

I don't think “Malverde: Patron Saint” is related to drug trafficking. The story tells of a man who is considered a hero by many in the town of San Blas, who protects those who need it most.

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You are lucky enough to work on 'old TV' soap operas and streaming projects. How would you define the difference between the two forms?

The number of episodes is a big difference between a streaming series and another open TV series. But nothing more, because ultimately the same stories are being told. Obviously some have slightly stronger displays but the truth is there isn't much difference in quality and production. Also “Malverde” was shown on other sites. It's always good to have multiple spaces for a product to be seen by as many people as possible.

Malverde Official Trailer Malverde The Patron Saint Telemundo

-What memories do you have of working with Pedro Fernández and the rest of the cast?

I made great friends throughout the program. Pedro is a good friend of my mother and I worked with him for the second time. He was the best captain of the ship. Carolina Miranda, who I worked with for the first time on that occasion, was adorable. We had a great time recording.

– I feel very young, how do you manage your long-term planning? Can you book 12 months out of the year or do you want to take time off, vacation, etc.?

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Chances should be taken when you love a project and when you want to act. Last year, I logged twelve months straight. Between one project and another I took four days off. I really love what I do and I really enjoy it.

Did coming out of an artistic family help you decide to become an actress or maybe you could have ended up as a lawyer or a footballer?

I wanted to be an actress from a young age. Obviously, living with an actress mother and an actor father, you soak it up. But it feels like you were born with it. Acting is something you have to be passionate about, you have to love it and love it a lot.

Sofia Castro. (Photo: Sofia Castro / Instagram)

– So acting is not your job…

I don't see my job as a job (laughs). My parents raised me that way. They always told me that I can't go to work to collect a paycheck, but you have to love, enjoy and be passionate about your life so you wake up happy every day. That's how I see things.

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