Dr. Fang reprimands Maricillo Efio for mentioning the Munequita Milli case: “Let him do it, I'm not going to stop”

Marisilo Effio was reprimanded by Dr. Fang.

Death of 'Millie Doll' At the hands of malpractice on the part Dr. Fang A 23-year-old girl who lost her dreams and her life at the hands of a bad doctor caused a stir across Peru. Hoping to get a slimmer figure, Flor Sheesa trusted this specialist without imagining the consequences.

Upon learning of the death, various entertainment personalities spoke about it, one of them being MARICILLO EFFIO, who had previously filed a malpractice complaint against the same doctor. The Peruvian actress was not silent and used her social networks to publish a message in which she directly accused Fong of being responsible and asked not to leave the case half-way.

“Victor Fang kills an innocent person and continues to practice freely. How is that possible? Justice for doll Millie, let her rest in peace and let this guy go straight to jail. I always said it, and everything came to light,” he wrote on his Instagram stories at the time.

Marisilo Efio accused Dr. Fang of molesting a country singer.

This publication of the artist and other statements about his work may not be desirable Dr. Fang, He decided to take legal action and sue for defamation Effio. In a conversation with Expresso, the artiste revealed that she has a procedure with the surgeon and that she respects her right to defend herself, but she will do her thing and follow every step.

“He reprimanded me because I said I killed someone, like all Peruvians said. I think it's good for him to do that, it's his right. Anyway, I'm not going to stop,” commented the artist.

After this news was published, MARICILLO EFFIO He spoke with 'America Hoi', who, albeit a little briefly, was taken aback by the act and remembered that it was Fang who damaged his body. “Are you asking yourself why he's condemning me? He's condemning me for coming out to talk about a death, for coming out to talk about a death like everyone else. Because on top of the fact that he mutilated my body, he's condemning me,” she told America Television magazine.

Dr. Fang Marisilo defends himself against Efio's harsh accusations. instagram

A few months ago, MARICILLO EFFIO Accused Dr. Fang At one point I made serious mistakes Small stomach In his stomach, the result of a wrong cut. The actress' intention was to improve the appearance of her stomach, however, it ended up being the complete opposite.

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“The operation takes 4 to 5 hours. In the post-surgery period I followed everything to the letter, I was very obedient in all aspects of aesthetics and treatment,” she initially said in an interview for 'America Hoy'.

Later, the artist consulted other experts, who confirmed his suspicions. “They said it was bad practice, they didn't treat me right. There was a bad cut, they sunk my navel, they did a bad operation on me, it was the result of a bad cut below,” he declared.

'Munequita Millie' dies at 23 and Marisilo Effio accuses Dr. Fang of being responsible. | Composition/Infobae

in this situation, Effio He contacted the doctor and arranged for a second surgery to correct the errors. “My stomach started to turn into something weird, with lines, completely hard, with skin that I didn't have” (…) “I was the same, I was desperate, he was scared. “He told me he was committed to paying for another intervention (to fix it) in Miami,” he said.

Unfortunately, the corrections did not meet his expectations and there was no improvement in his health. “At that moment I talked to the doctor, 'What's going on?', time goes by, why do I have this line, why do I have to do more treatments, no. (…) No woman would do surgery if there was information that we could have fibrosis. .Because of my shock, I agreed to a second intervention, a second cut, which I did, but it was not good,” he said in this regard.

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