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The presence of women in areas traditionally considered exclusive to men is a fact and E-Sports They are no exception, because with light and dark, many women have made their way and already are ‘athlets’ Sanctified.

Proof of this is the Pan American eSports Championship, which will run parallel to the Santiago 2023 Games and will have an open division and a women’s division.

The tournament was preceded by free access to the tent, where two games, EFootball and Dota 2, will be competing.

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Among the visitors to the tent was Rocio Solis, a 19-year-old Chilean girl who has been playing since she was 8 years old. “Logo” That is the eSports movement “Very grown up.”

“It makes me very happy, because I feel that many times people don’t give it the attention it deserves, maybe it lowers its profile too much (…) and because it’s still considered a sport, I think it’s more than that, training for children and women because, They continue to play and try to improve“Solis told EFE.

He got interested in online games, playing his elder brother Counter Strike, A ‘shoot’ (Shooter in English) The tactical game is played from a first-person perspective and the objective is to shoot and kill the enemies.

Currently, his favorites are two more’snipers, Valorant and Overwatch, in addition to the popular League of Legends known as LOL.

Games like LoL or Dota 2 belong to the MOBA genre, an abbreviation of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, that is, they are played in an online multiplayer battle arena where two teams compete with five players each, who control characters with different abilities. skills, with the aim of destroying the enemy base first to win.

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Chile’s Gabriela ‘KoniGV’ Leal is 33 years old and has been playing LoL since she was 21, although her beginnings date back much earlier, with Lineage, an MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing video game that gives thousands of people the chance. Connect and interact with the virtual world.

The young woman is part of the support team for the Pan American eSports Championship, where she will serve as a referee. Leal likes to spend time in front of the computer and compete, though he regrets not being able to “Pro Player” (professional player).

“It’s been a nightmare for me and it always will be. But I’m very proud to be here today, especially to know that women are coming to compete.Leal commented to EFE.

It refers to women “The Occult Wizards” and Dhayann “Dhayannm” Muñoz, representing Chile in the Pan-American Dota 2 and EFootball tournaments respectively.

For Lil, “Unbelievable” He expressed his desire to see a place open for eSports at the Pan American Games “It’s very important” So there are more titles in future championships.


As with everything, the road for women in eSports is not easy because of certain communities ‘athlets’ They already are “Poison” And they are cruel to the less experienced, and the abuse is sometimes worse if it is a female player.

Neglect, sexist comments or hypersexualization are the order of the day.

“I think it’s really hard for women, especially in games where we have voice chat, because you always have someone who makes sexist comments and thinks it’s funny and no, it’s not funny.”Solis commented.

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“You can play better than a man, but they still lower your profile and say things like, ‘Go to the kitchen,’ and they laugh,” He lamented, though he acknowledged that there are fewer and fewer uncomfortable situations in his community.

For Leal, when it comes to female athletes“The topic of ‘hate’ (hatred) and toxicity comes up.”Something that continues to happen today“To a higher or lower level, depending on the game”, which “It’s ugly”.

“But I think it’s something that all of us interested in the problem of online games know how to deal with. “We’re like tanks in real life when it comes to insults and hate.”, under control. Tanks in MOBAs are characters with high resistance, perfect for starting battles.

Taina Paredes, a Chilean who excelled in the dance game Just Dance, was positive about video games being linked to sports because it would allow her to approach more women. “To This World”.

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