Earthquake in Chile today, June 2: live report, magnitude and aftershocks | composition

Where was the last tremor felt in Chile? Here is the updated data in this article, according to information from the National Seismological Center of the University of Chile.

Where was the last tremor recorded in Chile? We share with you the most detailed information about the most recent earthquakes in the country Today, June 4.

Chile experiences high seismic activity due to its special geography and geographic location. The country is located in an intense shock zone between the Nazca plate and the South American plate, which generates a significant output of energy and often telluric movements. This geographical fact makes Chile one of the most earthquake prone regions in the world.

In May, earthquakes near 3.5 and 4 degrees were reported. In recent years, Chile has experienced three of the most powerful earthquakes in its history, namely on February 27, 2010 (with a magnitude of 8.8), in Iquique in April 2014 (8.2) and one in September 2015 in Illapael (8.4). These events are clear examples of the frequent seismic activity that characterizes the country.

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