Earthquake in Mexico today, March 1 – New earthquakes reported via SSN Live: Magnitude and Earthquake | National Seismic Service | composition

What is the National Seismic Service (SSN) in Mexico?

The National Seismic Service (SSN) is a department of the Geophysics Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Its mission is to establish and maintain an earthquake monitoring network in the country, which continues to operate with high quality standards.

The SSN was established on September 5, 1910, and is the organization responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on seismic activity in Mexico. The SSN monitoring network consists of more than 300 seismic stations located across the country. These stations record ground movements and transmit the information to the SSN processing center located in Mexico City.

SSN uses information from its monitoring network to generate reports on seismic activity in Mexico. These reports include the magnitude, location and time of the earthquake and its intensity. The SSN also issues seismic alerts, which are warning signals sent to registered users' cellphones.

The SSN is a fundamental tool for the prevention and mitigation of seismic disasters in Mexico. The information provided by SSN helps authorities take measures to protect people from the effects of earthquakes.

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