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Located in Peru Pacific Ring of FireAn area of ​​high seismic activity, records around A thousand earthquakes a year, According to him . Although we are currently enjoying a period of calm, experts warn that this calm may be a precursor. A strong and devastating earthquakeSimilar to what you have already experienced in your history.

Large earthquakes pose a real danger to the Peruvian population Severe damage to infrastructure and loss of human life. That is why the Prevention and preparation They are important to reduce the risks associated with these unpredictable natural phenomena.

Today, June 11, Earthquake in Peru – IGP report live

At Gestión Mix, we are committed to informing you about seismic activity in Peru. Access our website to learn more about reports from the Institute of Geophysics (IGP) of Peru, in collaboration with the National Center for Seismology (CENSIS), to inform people about earthquakes in the South American country. Today in Peru, Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

What to do in case of an earthquake?

be quiet The first thing you need to take into account when an earthquake occurs is that panic can make the situation worse. Second thing Stay in a safe placePreferably in areas away from windows or objects from falling or unstable structures.

If you are inside Cover a building, under a sturdy piece of furniture, or next to a column; And And You are abroad, stay away from buildings, power poles and cables. Apart from this, always remember Follow the instructions of the concerned authorities.

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Note that Prevention is key And we recommend Create a family plan (Defining rendezvous points and safe evacuation routes), Have an emergency kit handy Water, non-perishable food, first aid kit and other essential items and Strengthen your home To increase its resistance to earthquakes.

What should be in an emergency bag?

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