Edison Flores’ angry reaction against Diego Benny after being sent off against Carcilazo | Answers

University De Deportes were going for 3 points that would have allowed them to get closer to leaders Sporting Cristal, but they ran into Deportivo Carcilazo’s defensive wall led by goalkeeper Diego Penny. The end result left a bitter aftertaste to the creams, and it suffered after the last discharge Edison Flores, who took out his frustration and anger on the goalkeeper of the Cuzco team. We tell you what the famous ‘Oreja’s angry reaction was like and what the 39-year-old goalkeeper had to say about what happened at the end of the game at the monument.

Finals 2023: What was Edison Flores’ furious reaction to Diego Benny after the duel VS Carcilazo was eliminated by Ligue 1?

It added a new controversy in the 90′ ​​+ 4 minute by Michael Espinosa Sports University It went viral after giving a red card to the address Edison Floresand a subsequent gesture towards Diego Penny.

The Monumental Stadium is home to the Merengue again after a heavy defeat at the Tarmac against ADT and Sporting Cristal losing their current lead.

Although a large number of clear-cut scoring chances were created in the first 45 minutes, University Unable to cross the guarded portico Diego PennyThe 39-year-old goalkeeper was the protagonist of a verbal exchange with ‘Oreja’ at the end of the fight.

An angry reaction from Edison Flores Michael Espinosa will also be punished with a red card after a strong foul by Alvaro Olaya, and he calls for attention from several footballers, including Deportivo Carcilazo goalkeeper.

After being substituted and reacting rudely to a Cuzco defender’s infringement with a kick from behind and on the move, ‘Oreja’ was sent off and he could be seen gesticulating and gesticulating against the figure as he retired. Diego Pennywho rebuked him from afar for the truth.

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After completing the pledge between University Y Carcilazo In the memorial, the 39-year-old Peruvian guard referred to the situation he was in. Edison FloresAnd Kriem gave candid statements about what was said amid the midfielder’s fury.

College VS. Carcilazo: What was the response of the ‘ears’ when Diego Benny, to Edison Flores, left the field after being sent off?

Edison Flores He was sent off surprisingly late in the inter-match University Y Carcilazo After giving Olaya a kick, a few seconds earlier the defender of the Cusco team attacked him in the same way.

Golperu’s images show immediacy, in his own words. Diego PennyThe goalkeeper told him “Edison, keep calm”, immediately ‘Oreja’ replied with a tenderness described as follows, very angrily:

He sends me to…, you know whereThe experienced goalkeeper told the reporter that he continued to express himself about his approach Edison Floressaying “He is a national team player and cannot do anything like that as he represents an entire country”.

Diego Penny Referring to ‘Oreja’s treacherous response against Alvaro Olaya, he said, “A player from your hierarchy cannot act like this“why”They didn’t just take out Carcilazo in a qualifying round, we all lose”.

Finally, the goalkeeper of ‘Garci’ from Cuzco went Edison Flores asking him”Please, you should reconsider”, clearly alluding to the behavior he will need to display in the Peruvian team shirt when the qualifiers for the next World Cup begin.

During the brawl in the 10th of the final, Michael Espinosa not only sent off ‘Oreja’ and Olaya, but also 2 other footballers, making a total of 4 without any objection on this occasion. .

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Who else but Edison Flores and Alvaro Olaya were kicked out of Universitario VS Carcilazo?

Unfortunately, four of the 22 players who started the proceedings at the Memorial Stadium, “”U“Y Deportivo CarcilazoAnd they were fired for a warrantable offense Red card.

The first dismissal was directed at Juan Diego Lojas from the Sky team of Cusco (57′), the second University Both sides had the last 2 at the same time for Alto Corso’s foul in the 84th minute after a dangerous intrusion by Ecuador’s Jonathan Betancourt. Edison Flores And artful kicks due to Alvaro Olaya.

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