EFE Economic Day Topics for Saturday, October 28, 2023

G7 trade

Sakai (Japan) – Trade ministers from the G7 countries begin a two-day meeting this Saturday in the cities of Osaka and Sakai, where they will try to reach an agreement to promote improvements in global supply chains and achieve a commitment to fair trade. .



Construction employment

Madrid The problem of labor shortages spreads to many other sectors of the Spanish economy, such as construction and engineering, which require hundreds of thousands of jobs in the coming years due to rising unemployment among young people and the lack of generational change.



Motor rental

MADRID – The long-term vehicle rental market, known as “lease”, has doubled in a decade and is expected to have more than a million vehicles under this ownership regime in Spain within two years.



Telecommunication employment

MADRID – Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange have cut more than 15,000 jobs in Spain over the past decade through nine employment adjustment plans, and could increase by several thousand if a new voluntary redundancies plan is finally implemented. Spanish Telecom.



EU Energy (Interview)

BRUSSELS – The European Parliament’s negotiator for the reform of the electricity market, the Spanish Nicolás González Cáceres (PSOE), will not question the delicate balance between Member States in the Treaties for Differences (CFT) used for nuclear power plants, but how he will fight it. It means redistributing income in a way that does not create competitive imbalances.

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Information agenda

Sakai.- G7 TRADE.- G7 Trade Ministers meet in Sakai, Japan. (Text)



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