Robotin returns to Andrea, whose ex-wife mentions that he will be her son | programs

180 degree turn. Robotin and his former partner Jasmine Rojas return Andrea, after more than two years of DNA testing learned that two of her three children were not hers. In the middle of the confrontation, the mother of the family told the host that the children belonged to the comedian.

In a preview of the show on Monday, October 30, Alan Castillo And his ex-partner appeared to tell their truths to the public.

The argument between the former couple took an unexpected turn that surprised them. Andrea Llosa, Rojas She said she knew deep in her heart Robotin Yes, he is the father of her three children.’

TROME | Robotin returns to Andrea (ATV).

This is itAndrea He wanted to clarify what the young woman was saying and asked her Robotin He was the biological father of her children and she responded positively.

Robotin discovers that two of his three children are not his

Robotin suspects the paternity of the last of his three children to Andrea on February 15, 2021. However, he was surprised when a DNA test revealed that the last two were not his children.

“I’ve never been wrong to you. How could you lie to me like this? You know how I love my daughters. Because? “You ruined my life.” were the words RobotinAfter finding the results Andrea.


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