EFE Economic Day Topics for Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Spain GDP

MADRID – The Bank of Spain publishes its quarterly report on the Spanish economy, which includes a revision of macroeconomic forecasts, in March it raised expected growth to 1.9% for 2024.

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Bank of Spain

MADRID – Margarita Delgado, who was deputy governor of the Bank of Spain for three months, will take over as governor of the institution today without the government appointing a successor, a day after the mandate of Pablo Hernández de Caz (2018-204) ended. .



Views of the World Bank

WASHINGTON – The World Bank will release its latest Global Economic Outlook report this Tuesday, six months after it cut its growth forecast for 2025 due to concerns over global trade, higher interest rates and geopolitical instability.

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Tesla board

WASHINGTON — Tesla is holding its general shareholders meeting where, among other measures, it will decide on the roughly $50 billion in compensation for its CEO Elon Musk.



Ceramic construction

Madrid – The Hispalyt employers’ association, which brings together almost a hundred manufacturers of construction ceramic products such as paving stones, bricks and covering blocks, vaults, boards and tiles, responsible for 85% of the sector’s production, offers perspectives on this. Takes the year and the past tense.


Information agenda

9:00 am- Madrid.- Passenger traffic.- INE publishes passenger traffic statistics for April (Text) (Infographic)

9:00 am- Madrid.- GLOBAL INVESTMENT.- “Presentation of the 2nd edition of Global Trends 2024: Roadmap to attract investment, talent and innovation in a fragmented world”, an international event that aims to provide analysis and platform Digital Transformation Minister José Luis Escriva A discussion on current global trends at the Auditorio El Beatriz, Madrid (C/ José Ortega y Gasset, 29).

9:00 a.m.- Madrid.- Department of Tourism.- Hotel Association President (CEHAT), Jorge Marichal; President of the Paradores, Raquel Sanchez; President and Founder of Room Mate Hotels, Gigi Sarasola, or Institute of Hotel Technology (ITH), Javier Garcia and others, will participate in the ITH Innovation Summit 2024. Sala Truss – WiZink Center (Calle Jorge Juan, 99 Madrid).

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9:30 am- Madrid.- Labor Relations.- The UGT celebrates the ‘Charter of Digital Rights and Labor Relations’ Day, where Pepe Alvarez, General Secretary of the UGT opens the day. For his part, UGT’s Deputy Secretary General of Union Policy Fernando Lujón will complete.

9:30 am- Madrid.- TRANSPARENCY TAXATION.- Haz Foundation Ibex presents the results of the 10th Transparency Report on the financial responsibility of 35 companies (c/ de Almagro, 9)

9:30 am- Barcelona.- Country Risk.- Credit insurance company Coface and CaixaBank Export hold their annual conference on Country Risk.

10:00h.- Madrid.- Chemical Industry.- Conciliation Act between the Parties to the XX Convention of the Chemical Industry Community Chamber, National Court.

10:00h.- Madrid.- Transport Movement.- The Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, and the President of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, open the ‘Keys to sustainable movement’ conference, in which the keys of the law will be addressed. Meeting place Orense 34 (C/ Orense, 34) Standing motion to be approved

10:00 am- Madrid.- Tourism Report.- Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), will present the results of the Economic Impact Report (2024). Date data on the economic and labor impact of travel and tourism in Spain. (Text).

10:00 am- Madrid.- Ceramic Construction.- The Spanish Association of Burnt Clay Brick and Tile Manufacturers, Hispolit, presents the results of the brick and tile sector for 2023 in a press conference at Calle Orense, nº 10 , 2nd. Floor, offices 13 and 14. 28020. Madrid (Text).

10:00h.- Madrid.- Food distribution.- Promarca, the association that includes producers of brands, presents a report by Kantar, a consultancy on mass consumption in Spain.

10:00h.- Barcelona.- UNWTO Tourism.- The Minister of Industry, Jordi Hireu, the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Pololikashvili and the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaime Colboni, opened the 121st meeting. The Council is the UNWTO Executive.

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10:30 am- Madrid.- Household finance.- Cofidis, a financial company specialized in providing consumer loans, presents new data on the economic situation of Spanish households. Hotel room mate Oscar. New York room. Plaza Pedro Zerolo, 12.

10:30 am- Madrid.- Transport accidents.- Closed door presentation of the Transport and Mobility Commission on the bill to create an independent administrative commission for the civil technical investigation of railway, maritime and air accidents and incidents.

10:45h.- Madrid.- Spanish debt.- Treasury auctions 3 and 9 month bills.

12:00h.- Madrid.- Bank Wages.- The union platform (CC.OO., UGT and FINE) to negotiate a collective agreement to regulate the banking sector between 2024 and 2026 meets again with bank employers, AEB , after more than eight months of fruitless contacts, Try to reach a salary agreement that satisfies both parties.

13:00h.- Madrid.- SPAIN GDP.- Bank of Spain publishes its quarterly report on the Spanish economy. (text)

1:00 p.m.- Madrid.- Seguro Memory.- The President of the Association of Spanish Insurance Companies, Unesco, Mirenz del Valle, presents the Social Insurance Report 2023, which describes the activity of the sector throughout the year, its contribution to society and the list of accidents caused by insurers in 2023. Other data like (text)

16:00h.- Madrid.- Control Session.- The Government submits to the Control of the Opposition in the Senate Plenary, with questions about salary increases for public servants, seasonal rents, subsidies for the renovation or installation of public buildings. Photovoltaic plants, among others.



8:00 am- London.- R.UNITED UNEMPLOYMENT.- The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes the British unemployment rate for May. (text)

Vienna.- OPEC REPORT.- The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) today publishes its monthly report on the state of the oil market. (text)

Geneva.- Spain Work.- Spain’s Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, participates in the annual conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) (Text) (Photo) (Video)

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1:00h.- Quito.- ECUADOR MINING.- The SolGold mining company, with Australian capital, awards an exploitation contract for the Cascapal mine, the largest copper deposit in Ecuador. Club La Union, Av 12 de Octubre N26-86 and Abraham Lincoln (Text)

2:00 PM- Rio de Janeiro.- Brazil Inflation.- The government releases Brazil’s inflation rate for May. (text)

3:30 PM- Washington.- The World Bank.- The World Bank releases its latest Global Economic Outlook report.

9:00 pm- Buenos Aires.- ARGENTINA TOURISM.- Argentina releases its international tourism statistics for April after the number of foreign visitors to the South American country increased by 6.0% year-on-year. (Text)

9:00 pm- Sao Paulo (Brazil).- BRAZIL COFFEE.- Brazilian employers association Cecafé releases coffee export data for May. (Text)

23:30h.- Washington.- Tesla shareholders.- Tesla will hold a general meeting of its shareholders, in which it will be decided on the compensation of its CEO, Elon Musk, about $50 billion, among other actions. (text)

WASHINGTON.- FEDERAL RESERVE.- A meeting of members of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee begins to determine possible increases or decreases in interest rates. (text)

Manaus.- IDB SUSTAINABILITY.- The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is celebrating its Sustainability Week in Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

La Paz.- Bolivia Protests.- Bolivian trade unions begin a 48-hour march against the dollar shortage, the country’s economic crisis and the economic measures adopted by the government of Luis Arce.



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