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The Plaza dos de Mayo It is one of the iconic places Historic Center of Lima. What is your story? Its origins predate the Walled City: it was opened in 1799 by Viceroy Ambrosio O’Higgins on the site it now occupies, known as Queen’s Oval. During the Republican era, in 1866, President Mariano Ignacio Prado announced Dos de Mayo said the area will be used to commemorate the heroes of the war.

Eight years later, in 1874, the plaza was inaugurated by President Manuel Prado. Also, in mid-1924, eight perimeter buildings were completed around it, designed by French architect Claude Chahut and later modified by Riccardo Malachowski.

ProlimaThe administration of the Municipality of Lima (MML), which restores the cultural value of the capital’s center, was given the job. Restores the urban and historical landscape that Plaza dos de Mayo had in 1928.

The Investment Installation of green area and replacement of floor of the venue was undertaken 4 million 780 thousand soles.

Past and present are united in one creation

The project started in 2021. In that year, Prolima Restored the central monument of the square, “Monument to the Victory of Dos de Mayo”, which had more than 250 pieces stolen before the intervention. In the second phase of the project, which started last year, permission was given to resurface the roundabout and add a green area.

“This monument commemorates the victory of the Peruvian Defense Forces against the Spanish in the battle of May 2, 1866 to regain control of Peru. It is the altar of the nation. However, this importance was lost and the concept of square became an oval for circulation of vehicles. The work we offer will help re-evaluate the memory of the heroes of the Combate del dos de Mayo and help citizens make the square their own in their memory.“, explain Louis Martin BogdanovichProlima Manager.

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As part of the green zone implementation, Four perimeter gardeners It acts as a living fence along the edge of the square, separating users from vehicles passing through the area. For this reason, bushy bougainvillea were planted.

Plaza dos de Mayo in the 1880s Photo: Prolima

Bogdanovich confirmed the siege of this perimeter Blocking the road will prevent vehicles from encroaching on the square, a frequent problem during peak hours. “This green barrier adds beauty to the square and creates a comforting space for people entering.“, Bogdanovich says.

Additionally, The floor of the plaza was completely renovated with granite and basalt stone. Placed in a concentrated setting. With its white and gray tones, it seeks to enhance the geometry of the space and highlight the central monument of dos de Mayo’s victory.

Laying of granite stone to renew the floor of the plaza. Photo: Prolima.

About pedestrian access to the square, Bogdanovich points out, at the moment, citizens are forced to wait for vehicles traveling through the oval to stop to enter the space. However, Prolima’s manager announced that he was considering an upcoming intervention in the Plaza dos de Mayo. Implementation of pedestrian crossings.

We have completed two phases of extensive restoration of the square. The next steps are placing marble benches and decorative lamps, People should implement pedestrian crossings for safe access and the recovery of all property around the square; One of them has been in critical condition since it was damaged by fire in 2014” Bogdanovich explained.

Both interventions should be accompanied by a future municipal plan In order to completely reduce traffic congestion around the square. It is imperative to continue non-stop towards a comprehensive restoration of the square” he added.

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The dedication of all Lima residents

Plaza dos de Mayo was the main concentration point for the initiation of social mobilizations in the center of Lima. Therefore, to avoid damage to the perimeter gardeners and renovated site, Bogdanovich calls for the responsibility and commitment of Lima residents.

The effort to keep a city in good shape depends not only on the municipal administration but on all citizens.. For this reason, we invite all of us who live in Lima to protect the monument and improve it further.”, he insists.

Pedestrian crossing in Bolognese Square

The Plaza Bolognese monument, in honor of the heroic colonel and the heroes of Arica, was restored by Prolima and presented in December last year. Likewise, the project contemplates the implementation of pedestrian crossings on two roads, Giron Paraguay and Paseo Colón.

Girona Paraguay will become a boulevard connected to Plaza Bolognese. An intervention will also be carried out on Paseo Colon. Both should be aligned with a future municipal plan to completely reduce traffic around the square.” Bogdanovic noted.

Paseo Colón will be connected to Plaza Bolognese by a pedestrian promenade. Photo: Joel Alonso

These pedestrian crossings are under study. Girona Paraguay Boulevard has already approved the project and its implementation should start at the end of the year. After the completion of this work, the pavement will be laid”, he explained.

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