Elementary and technology for children

To encourage creativity

Encouraging children’s creativity is essential for their holistic development. Schemes like working in this field toontastic, An ‘app’ to introduce little ones to the world of animation: they can draw, animate and narrate their own cartoons to create their own audiovisual projects.

For his part, Creappcuentos It is a mobile application where they create their own stories and become protagonists. As such, it has interactive stickers and charts, along with other elements, and allows you to add voiceovers and sounds.

A good way to experiment with rhythms and melodies Chrome Music Lab, A site that gives children (or even adults) the opportunity to do different musical experiments to learn about music and its connections to other fields in a simple way.

To encourage reading

Reading improves language, strengthens concentration and facilitates communication with many other benefits. Mobile apps are available to help little ones take their first steps into the world of reading Leo Khan KirinIt includes games and activities that teach alphabets, letters and words, as well as reading comprehension exercises for children over 4 years old.

There is also reading work Storybook: An app that combines sleep massages, bedtime stories, baby massage, breathing techniques and meditations to help little ones fall asleep. Additionally, it is specially composed for children and babies.

On the other hand, application Mortimer y los dinos presents illustrated stories without text so that parents and children actively collaborate in the telling of the story. Recommended for children aged 3 to 9, it features an original soundtrack, mini-games, animations and interactive elements.

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For parents

They can’t use all the tech for kids, but some startups offer platforms aimed at parents. Focuses on finding children’s activities Toddl.co, which allows children to register for different extracurricular classes, camps or events according to their preferences. Therefore, it allows filtering by genre, age and Spanish region.

On the other hand, Page ukola Bet on second-hand clothes. Through the monthly subscription service, parents can choose the clothes they need for their babies between 0 and 24 months, return them once they’re used, and request larger sizes.

Finally, there are useful applications to ensure the safety of children. This is the case FindmykidsThis facilitates GPS tracking of children through a mobile device or ‘smartwatch’, or CustodioBlock and control the applications children use on their mobile phones and ensure appropriate use of technology.

In a society where the use of ‘apps’ and platforms is the order of the day, startups Technology for kids Stands as an innovative alternative to traditional learning and entertainment. BBVA is the spark Funding makes available solutions to these organizations so that they can play a role in education and play, with supervision from parents and educators to find a balance between screens and the real world.

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