Eliana Revollar resigned from all positions in the Office of the Ombudsman

Former Ombudsman for the People, Eliana Revoler Ananos, offered her irrevocable resignation from any position or employment relationship with the company on Friday after Josué Gutierrez was sworn in as its new president.

By letter sent to Gutierrez CondorRevoler explained that his departure from the Ombudsman was due to personal reasons and expressed his willingness to support the transfer process.

“I believe it is right to put an end to the 26-year work cycle in which I worked in the Ayacucho Ombudsman’s Office, I was the head of the Junin and Lima Ombudsman’s offices, and I headed the region. Coordination Directorate and Deputy for Women’s Rights, finally honored with the task of heading the Office of the Ombudsman for more than a year, ” he wrote.

RBP Noticias has accessed the resignation letter submitted yesterday by Eliana Revoler.

RevolverHe assumed the post on interim basis after leaving Walter GutierrezAs mentioned in the letter to the new chairman Security It remains an “independent agency of the powers of the day”.

“You get an institution that is loyal to constitutional principles and values,” he said.

Finally, he emphasized that he leaves the company with a higher budget allocation compared to 2022, because for this 2023 S/ 83 million 799 thousand 201 compared to last year’s S/ 74 million 260 thousand 443.

It is noteworthy that Josué Gutiérrez, former member of Congress and former lawyer of Vladimir Ceron, was sworn in as Ombudsman yesterday in a ceremony held in Congress.

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