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Andres Hurtado His candid admission of the resulting suffering took everyone by surprise COVID-19Your health has become very vulnerable.

Hurtado explained that he contracted the virus five times and that each week the disease brought more problems to his heart; Leading doctors to detect a tumor growing in the organ.

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The driver explained: “Every week we tell our public how the heart problem is going because it is important that you see a cardiologist. As a result of the five covids I had, you already know that the failures appeared every week and month. In this case, it’s my heart failure.”.

He told his doctor this week that he was in denial about his condition: “Bad news for us, a possible tumor was found in my heart yesterday. He’s there and we’re going to screen next week. I better tell you what’s going on Saturday by Saturday, minute by minute, and we’re dealing with the problem at the clinic being investigated.”.

He also came to show the public He had an echocardiography where they found a lipoma in his heart and he will need more tests throughout the week to rule out any other possibilities.

Your specialist explained how each test was performed to determine whether the tumor was benign or malignant. “This is my heart, it appeared in my heart yesterday to the doctors and those who know about the matter of the heart”, Comprehensive.

ATU’s Jose Aguilar Retegui is president

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