Ethel Bosso Impresses Her Daughter Luana’s 15th Birthday With A Big Party And An Emotional Tribute

Ethel Bosso dazzles her daughter Luana’s 15th birthday with a lavish party and emotional tribute. (Capture: @lapozo)

Host of ‘America Hoy’, Ethel BozoHe celebrated his daughter’s fifteenth birthday very well Luana, surprises everyone on social networks with an exclusive outfit and emotional message. Gisela Valcarcel’s daughter did not miss such an important date for the family.

Through them Instagram stories, Ethel He shared details and arrangements for his daughter’s special day. The pictures showed the dedication and love that the American TV host showed in every aspect of the event, from the decoration of the venue to the selection of snacks.

“Happy birthday my life. I love you with all my soul,” the communicator wrote in one of his publications, with a photo of him hugging Luana. The theme of the event was kept secret until the last moment, finally revealing an elegant outfit in pink and gold tones.

Ethel Bosso dazzles her daughter Luana’s 15th birthday with a lavish party and emotional tribute. (Capture: @lapozo)

As expected, in the shared clip, you can also see the teenager excited and surprised by her mother’s gesture, who spared no effort to make sure the day was perfect for her and her friends.

A few hours before the event, Ethel He used his networks to highlight the importance of the date. “And 15 came my love. Well done. The youngest in the house, the one who taught me that life is in perfect balance… I am grateful to God for choosing me to be you and Tom’s mother,” she wrote, showing the deep love and pride she feels for her. Proud

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In addition to Instagram Stories, Bozo Posted a post with a real and emotional commitment. “I love you Lua, no doubt I will be by your side whenever you need me, my arms will be there to hold you, a mother’s love is infinite, I wish you to continue to be a happy, brave and confident woman. What you always wanted. Happy birthday Quinceañera. Let’s celebrate,” she added excitedly. .

Ethel Bosso dazzles her daughter Luana’s 15th birthday with a lavish party and emotional tribute. (Capture: @lapozo)

A celebration of Luanadaughter Ethel Bozo, It turned out to be a memorable event full of romance and personal details. In addition to the dedication of the driver, there was something special about the party Gisela Valcarcel. Blonde dedicates a sentimental message to the publication, highlighting strong family bonds.

“Always be with your children! “You did this because they are your friends, God bless you, daughter!”, highlighting the closeness and unconditional love that unites families.

Gisela Valcárcel talks about her return to Peruvian television. (Photo: IG capture)

Last Friday, May 10, the show ‘America Hoy’ paid a special tribute to ‘Mother’s Day’, presenting a moving video of the magazine’s hosts with their children. were among the notables Ethel BozoJanet Barbosa, Brunella Horne and Lacey Suarez.

After the video is shown, Ethel He took the stage to express his gratitude and affection to his mother, Gisela Valcarcel. However, emotions overwhelm Gisela as she remembers the sacrifices she made for herself. with a broken voice, Bozo She shares the difficult path her mother took when she became a single mother at 17 without the support of her partner.

“To my holy mother who has been a wonderful mother all my life and raised me alone. She was a single mother at 17 and she brought me into this world and fought for me. I have a daughter who is 17 and I can’t imagine her because she is a girl. My mother was supposed to be a mother at that age, and I adore her, I love her,” said Ethel.

Ethel Bozo breaks down at the thought of Gisela Valcarcel’s sacrifice at age 17. America TV

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