Andrés Hurtado confirms that his daughters Josette and Genesis want to participate in Miss Peru; But they came out with ‘ugly’ video entertainment DRCM | programs

Andres Hurtado, Sibolin, admitted that he wanted his daughters to participate in Miss Peru, although he joked that they were ugly. “You know Josetti’s a fool, can do Genesis”The driver said with a smile because today is Saturday with Andres.

Sibolin She had the participants of Miss Peru 2023 – La Brea in her suite and took the opportunity to comment on the illusion of seeing her daughters. Josetti and Genesis Competing for the beauty crown.

“As much as I would have liked my daughters to compete for Miss Peru… they turned out to be ugly. Let’s talk about what it is. You know that Josetti It’s not too much of a sock, it can GenesisHe said.

He added that Genesis He expressed his desire to participate in it. “You can’t, my daughter, little Qian body, we have to train. Even if it is behind, they put it” he joked. Andres Hurtado.

TROME | Andres Hurtado dreams that his daughters will participate in Miss Peru (because today is Saturday with Andres)

Andres Hurtado thanked Efrain Aguilar for bringing him to the theater

And when Andres Hurtado joked about her daughters, recalling that comedian Efrain Aguilar “Petito” threw her out of the theater a few days ago.

“Thank you for firing me, it’s the best example of my life, it’s Efrain and above all, you flatter me without understanding it when you’re young.” He told him Andres Hurtado Today is Saturday with Andres to ‘Betito’ on his show.

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