Ethel Bozo outraged by public support for INFIEL Christian Dominguez: “They receive it with great fanfare” America Hoy Entertainment | programs

You can't believe it. 'America Today' It was behind the concerts he gave Christian Dominguez His 'international band' and He spread the word about how the public supported Kumbiembero despite his betrayals against his ex-partner Pamela Franco. about, Ethel Bozo He showed his passion.

Ethel Bozo was angered by his support for Dominguez

He made a lot of mistakes, and you'd think people would tell him how badly you did it, but people accept it, and it's the public that gets it with a cheer.“, said.

Among his statements, Janet Barbosa He recalled the case of Tony Rosado, who had reprehensible behavior towards women on several occasions and, despite this, continued to earn money from concerts.

“People love him, they adore him, and he's the one who asks for the most photos.”, said Brunella Horna. Meanwhile, the popular 'Rulitos' said that people don't care what the showbiz character does in his personal life.

Christian Dominguez holds his head high during an interview with Pamela Franco

Christian Domanguez responds to Pamela's interview

Christian Dominguez Interview discussed Pamela Franco, this after her infidelity and media scandal with soccer player Christian Cueva. Cumbiambero was forceful and insisted on telling her the truth.

It's okay, it's relevant, something she has to deal with. The rest I don't know what they feel inside”, SAugust

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