Europe offers production of 10 euro banknotes to Spain: where will they be produced?

Europe offers production of 10 euro banknotes to Spain: where will they be produced?

He European Central Bank (ECB) has entrusted the task to Spain Create 10 euro banknotes in 2024 for all eurozone countries. With this work, the Bank of Spain A total of 424.2 million 10-euro banknotes, about 4,241.5 million euros, according to data provided by the ECB. It is also responsible for producing part of the five-euro banknote.

The Bank of Spain, in association with the Bank of Greece, 313.8 million will produce five euro notes The European organization is demanding for the current year. “The Bank of Spain is responsible for providing 12% of the total demand for new banknotes” says the ECB. Additionally, they will be printed 1,538.4 million 50 notes, 564.9 million 20s, 527.5 million 100s, 164.2 million 200s and no 500s in 2024. In other Eurozone countries.

This year, it is expected 3,533 million rupee notes, the total value of which is 179,625 million Euros11% more units than the previous year when 3,141.7 were printed.

Banknote production

The National Mint and Stamp Factory (FNMT)Based in Burgos, the responsible company Earn paper money, is made of pure cotton fibers with a high-tech security thread for watermarking. The factory has capacity Produces 3,500 tonnes of currency notes per year.

Once the sheets are prepared, these They are cut into sheets and transported to the Imprenta de Billetes SA (Imbisa) factory., located in the Madrid district of Vigalvaro. They are in charge there Print banknotes using five techniques like lithography, screen printing, intaglio, typography and flexography.

Next, A Quality testing, where the sheets are cut into strips and then into layers, to conclude with a new test to confirm the identity of banknotes. Finally, they are packed in shrink plastic film and kept Cardboard containers the size of a shoebox with 10,000 units.

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