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On January 15, the holder Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE), Daniel Mouret, “The outlook for 2024 is very good,” he said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, adding that “there is great expectation for investment.”

If this prediction is fulfilled, In this 2024, the demand for new growth Job positions. The results are noteworthy Occupational Needs Assessment (EDO)Published by MTPEIt turned out that there was a request 348,880 new jobs In 2023 Required for private sector companies with more than 20 employees across the country.

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What tech industries are left on the list?

Comparison of years 2021, 2022 and 2023of Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE)provides 10 list Technology industry The demand for permanent posts has increased in the last three yearsBy Private businesses.

According to the results, in PeruThe Trend during the period 2021-2023Regarding demand Technical experts on the side Private businesses Increasingly, to help them stay competitive in an increasingly technological business environment.

Therefore, the The total number of workers required as a minimum high-level technician in 2021 is 5,145. 9,962 in 2022 and 11,634 in 2023..

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It contains 2023Two Technology industry to highlight Administration. “It was one Most in-demand tech careersThey allow organizations to manage organizational changes in line with current trends in the business environment, implementing new technologies and strategies to improve efficiency and productivity.”said General Director of Standardization, Employment Training and Certification of Workforce Skills of MTPE, Elizabeth CornejoIn conversation with management.

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It follows Computing e Computing. “It is Technical life continues to grow due to Technological evolution We live because of it Artificial intelligenceHe Website And this Internet securityHence, trained personnel are needed to implement, maintain and improve these technologiesThe officer pointed out MTPE.

Computer and informatics students are interested in private companies. (Photo: Reference/Cybertech)

What tech industries fell off the list?

Compared to previous years, Marketing It did not appear on the 2021 list, but did in 2022, ranking 10th; However, it will no longer appear in 2023. In the case Bank Administration It appeared only in 2021, but it did not appear in the charts.

About others Technology industry Appearing in the top 10 charts for only one year: Computer and Network Repair (2021), Computer repair (2021), Pharmacy (2021), Heavy machinery maintenance (2021), Economic analysis (2022) Y Software and Systems (2022), which follows Industrial Electricity (2022) Y Vehicle mechanic (2022)

Most in-demand occupations for technicians (new positions of permanent nature)

Most in-demand occupations for technicians (new positions of permanent nature)

What are the university courses in the list?

Information that MTPE reveals that Trend during the period 2021-2023In connection with that University experts That would be required Private businesses Unlike technique It is not continuous growth.. And although a decrease was reported in 2022, it increased the following year.

In that order, the The total number of employees who must be a university student is: 6,314 (2021), 4,013 (2022) and 12,574 (2023)..

The data also reveal, trends A highly sought after profession University experts It was guided by science Administration e Industrial and Systems Engineering.

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“There is a huge demand for professionals Administration “Responding to New Trends in the Management of Organizational Change in Organizations”He pointed out Elizabeth Cornejo of MTPE.

“Meanwhile, demand is high Industrial and Systems Engineers Illustrated by the technological and digital transformation we are currently experiencing, including automation and robotics, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, additive manufacturing [impresión 3D]Augmented and Virtual Reality, among others”he added.

What university majors are left off the list?

Regarding University courses That was not requested Private businesses Image: Nursing (2021), Education (2022) Y Accounting (2022) These specified specialties appear only for one year and then do not appear again in the rankings.

About economy It appears seventh in 2021, but eighth in 2022. This feature will no longer appear in 2023. In the case Mechanical Engineering He finished fifth in 2021 and did not appear in 2022, moving to ninth in 2023.

Most in-demand careers for university professionals are new positions of permanent nature.

Most in-demand careers for university professionals are new positions of permanent nature.

What is prioritized in organizations while hiring a technical and university professional?

to Mónica María Villegas del Solar, Institute Director for Career Opportunities at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC)It is widely known Organizations focus more on people who are capable of managing human relations. Especially in the post-pandemic era, humans are still in a global “mourning” where our fragility as a species has become clear.

Resilience, empathy, ability to communicate and work with others are the most important thing. Next comes an assessment of technical skills linked to digital issues, analytical and influencing skills. The need for self-learning and a sense of urgency must measure the skills we want to incorporate into organizations in every new professional.explained management.

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“Technical knowledge issues are much easier to achieve based on a well thought out staff development program based on permanent training and updates for employees”he added.

Organizations focus more on people who are capable of managing human relations.  (Photo: Istock)

Organizations focus more on people who are capable of managing human relations. (Photo: Istock)

What is an EDO survey?

He Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE) applicable annually Occupational Needs Assessment (EDO), gathers information about the characteristics expected of employees to be hired. Among them, educational requirements, career, digital skills, competencies, previous experience requirements etc.

It also exhibits the properties of Recruiting. It also provides data on the occupational groups in which workers are being cut and the reasons for new hires.

When will the most up-to-date information be released?

Officer Elizabeth Cornejo MTPE He explained that all information about university and technical jobs requested by private companies was done with Vin's information In the fourth quarter of 2022 with a forecast for 2023. In this respect, the data is outstanding from 2023 to 2024 with projections.

By 2023, the survey will be completed and scheduled for 2024, with results expected in the next few days. The results of this survey will probably be available by the end of January and first half of February. Data is processed and analyzed. It is done once a yearHe noted.

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