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Evelyn Vela Magali announced after listening to Madina’s performance Carlos Cacho He said that in ‘Mahali House’, the ‘Queen of the South’ had betrayed him in the worst way.

“She did terrible things to me and betrayed the love I had for her. I will never forgive her.”said the stylist on the Magpie reality show.

After these statements, Evelyn Vela He suggested she go to therapy and hinted that she might want to seek a little fame. “I think he should go to a psychologist…I think he needs some seriousness”Melissa Gluck’s best friend said.

Why did Evelyn Vela and Carlos Cacho fight?

Evelyn Vela Then he said this Carlos Cacho She is said to have been Michael Sofer’s former partner. ‘The Little Prince’. I had him on Instagram (Venezuela) and I see he’s in Huacachina, I asked him if he was with Quecho and he replied ‘how disgusting’. said the queen of the south.

Later, Melissa Gluck’s best friend said she discovered the little prince was with another young woman and invited them to her restaurant in Ica. “They went to my place, I did a live show and the guy stuck his head in. “10 minutes later, Carlos called me to complain, he lied to him, I didn’t tell him the truth, I’m with this girl” Evelyn Vela said.

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