Executive Jorge Angulo was removed from the General Command of the PNP and replaced by Victor Zanabria.

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The executive branch decided To remove PNP Lt. Gen. George Angulo from the General Command of the National Police; and your name change Al and Lt. Gen. Victor Janabria.

The changes in the police force were officially announced this afternoon in an unusual version of two high-profile resolutions. Official Gazette El Peruano, And they bear the signatures of the President. In Boluarteand of the Minister of Home Affairs, Victor Torres.

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Announced the changes

It should be noted that these changes in the highest hierarchy of the police agency are taking place against the backdrop of physical aggression suffered by the President. Dina Poluarte during an official visit to Ayacucho last Saturday.

With this in mind, the CM Alberto Otterola The government announced earlier in the day that it was evaluating changes to the PNP's general command, which took effect this afternoon.

“It is not an irremovable position. That evaluation (…) is done by the interior minister and the president. The interior minister and the president will evaluate it,” Otarola said. Benaranda on Sunday Final point.

this morning, RPP It turns out that George Angulo He was hurriedly summoned to Government House. At the Executive Committee headquarters, he met the President for an hour and it is not known whether the Chief Minister also participated in the meeting.

It is important to highlight that Angulo Tejada has not only been separated from the general command of the PNP, but has also been executed. “From Active Police Situation to Retired Police Situation”.

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He assumed the post of Commander-in-Chief of Police since March last year, which means he has been on the job for over 10 months, while current norms indicate a two-year appointment.

He was replaced by Victor Janapria as president Directorate of Internal Order and Security of the PNP. In this situation, he pointed out the crime in an interview given to RPP last October “It's not a police problem”Chino It covers “social, economic, labor and structural factors”. It covers the entire social group.

“If we think that the police alone are going to solve this, we are blind This is not a police problem. “It is a problem involving social, economic, labor and structural factors,” he said.

In that sense, he pointed out, the state of emergency was not sufficient to curb the rising crime rate.

“What you need to see is Despite the effort It seems that the Central Government and the Ministry of Home Affairs have it Not enough to reverse this criminal accumulation That happened many years ago. “The more than 20-year-old (…) problem with the SJL's informality, the inadequacy of the local administration and even the past mayors being jailed for organized crime must be resolved in 60 days,” he said.

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