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The eponymous Supreme Justice Hector Lama Mor provided some details governing the protocol. Express the dischargeThis makes recovery easier in the short term Estate leased and eases the eviction process so that the case can be settled quickly.

It is worth remembering that in October the Executive Committee of the Judiciary issued a Code of Conduct for the Management of Judicial Processes. Discharge Within the framework of Act no. 30201, published in 2014This was known as law Express the discharge.

To exercise this action, the lease must first have expired or the Defendant is months behind on rent.

“Once the launch takes place The occupant of the property will be evictedEven for those who are not part of the process,” he said.

Llama Mor He said the expedited process was designed to speed up the process and provide more support to landowners.

There are at least 300 thousand tenants across Lima

“The important thing is to sign this category Lease agreement Signatures legalized before a notary and with Future testing“, he pointed out.

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What to consider?

The management spoke Marcial Gutierrez LucarA senior associate in the dispute resolution area of ​​MOAR Abogados offers two very important points when a landlord can’t overlook Time to rent your propertyEspecially to protect it from malicious people who seek to stay in the house.

The first thing he explained was that when the contract was made and within the clauses “Express Release”Both parties (Landlord and Tenant) should consider notarizing their signatures before a notary public for legality of signatures.

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Defaulting tenants will be evicted

Defaulting tenants will be evicted

The second step is to ask a notary to review the contract, and once approved, it will be uploaded to the Public Deeds Registry. As he comments, these two points are essential “Express Release”.

“In fact, the procedures to evict delinquent tenants are very long and can take years. Therefore, the purpose of this protocol is to reduce the time taken by the litigants so that they can settle the case. Sometimes, many tenants enter into a contract and believe that it is valid by adding an “eviction” clause. . But it is not like that, everything has to be notarized“, he pointed out.

“Therefore, the best thing you can do to protect your property or property is to do it through a notary. The money has to be paid, but it’s the right way to make a formal agreement,” he added.

Tenant in default

through the portal Authorized personThe information of the defaulting judicial debtor (whether a natural or legal person), notified by a judicial decision, may be consulted after failure to comply with an obligation within a certain period.

For this, once the judge completes the process and proves that the defendant owes the rent, he or she must register.

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Time limit for eviction of defaulting tenant

As for the time frame of the process for eviction of the delinquent tenant, the protocol of the judicial branch establishes a schedule with two events, the different phases of the first phase being 26 business days. After the appeal, the second instance is 25 days. If the request is approved, Discharge will be carried out in 51 business days.

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How to evict defaulting tenants

How to evict defaulting tenants


As attorney Marcial Gutierrez explained, it is essential Rent the property It is important to follow up with a person to find out if they have any police record, if they have current complaints or if they are inside. Infocorp For non-conceived loans.

In addition, requesting necessary documents like Valid IDIf you are working in a company pay slips, if the address you provide as reference is correct, among other points that cannot be overlooked.

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