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Find out which countries you can travel to within Peru with less than S/100 soles. Photo: Andina

In cyber days, the Airline Low cost is provided by JetSMART More than 20,000 discount tickets for domestic and international flights. The CyberSmart campaign is valid from November 13 to Friday, November 17.

The most notable deals include tickets from Tarapoto to Lima for US$15 or S/60 each way, including airport charges and taxes. to International destinations As in Colombia, flights from Lima to Medellin, Cartagena and Cúcuta cost US$94 or up to S/374 per leg.

Airplanes Santiago de Chile You can buy them now from US$79 or S/314 Buenos Aires US$115 for S/455.

It should be noted that these Charges The special offers are available to fly from December 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024, offering a variety of dates to plan trips at low prices. For more details, visit the website of Airline.

Travel to the interior of the country with the new JetSMART offer. Photo: LR Composite

Indecopi: What if your flight is delayed or cancelled?

Accordingly IntecobyIf your flight is delayed or canceled for airline reasons, it must inform you of the reasons and the steps it will take to provide you with a solution. In addition, passengers are entitled to food, telephone calls, accommodation and even financial compensation depending on the time elapsed.

In case of a delay of more than two hours and less than four hours, the airline must provide refreshments and a phone call to the user.

If it’s more than four hours or less than six hours, it will provide you with a snack, a phone call and a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Intecoby. In case of a delay of more than six hours, the airline must provide the consumer with refreshments, phone calls, meals, and compensation equal to 25% of the value of the missed leg. Additionally, if you spend the night away from your usual place of residence, you will have to pay for accommodation costs and airport travel and transfers.

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Similarly, if the flight is canceled and the passenger has to spend the night, the airline will refund the net value of the ticket or arrange an alternative journey on the same day. If this does not happen, the airline will cover your food, accommodation and transfer costs. If delays occur prior to cancellation, you are entitled to compensation as specified earlier.

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