Eye View Why Magali Madina Appreciated Samhara Lopatone Web Ojo Farandula

Samahara Lobedan He appeared as a special guest on “America Hoy” to talk about his controversial breakup with Yoona. However, he surprised locals and strangers alike when he met the drivers live and pointed out that they “didn’t make white television”.

about, Magali Medina Couldn’t help but joke Ethel Bozo And even highlighted what the second daughter said Melissa Gluck In front of the cameras America TV

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Samahara today downplayed the rate of travel to America, accusing them of stinginess: “This is my job, I live from it.”

“This program is so malicious, there is nothing white, there is nothing this show on white television”, Reports of a young influencer.

In this sense, popular ‘Magpie’ He praised Samahara as one of the only people who dared to speak “their truths”. Janet Barbosa, Ethel Bozo, Christian Dominguez, Valeria Piazza and Edson Davila, People who boast that they never look for “sick people” in their program.

“How was the eye? On his face, his bald face. They were speechless and changed their speech. When America Today had more pocket money than here, they were broke because they collected it, but he told them: ‘I always collected, you know that.’ said the ATV personality.

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