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They crossed paths 9 years ago. From that moment they understood that life is too complicated to walk alone and that it is better to fight hand in hand. Olenka Cuba Y Leonard Lyon They go on to meet the future, they have a daughter and to the rhythm of cumbia, the salsa-loving girl takes on the role of companion in everyday life and in her work in music. A love story told by both.

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Olenka: My friends said I am an assassin…

Olenka, how many terrible fights?

Like every relationship there were problems, but we never fought because a third person was involved.


for work. When we disagree, differences of opinion arise.

What are you talking about?

The thing is, I’m his representative, I do the deals, and I see from the management side what he sees as an artist.

Are you worried about your image?

Of course, I want him to go to the gym, but he doesn’t like it.

Do you notice their food?

Yes, because he has eaten anything before me.

What do you recommend?

Let him clean his skin, but he doesn’t pay attention.

Criticize something else?

When we argue, within 3 minutes he is already cracking jokes.

Criticize yourself.

I’m angry, I don’t forget.

Liven it up with some good food?

I am zero in the kitchen.

Leonard Leon and Olenka Cuba (Photo: César Bueno @gec)

And this?

Very good, that’s right.

Your best ‘presentation’?

Chicken soup, lots of vegetables.

Are you a cleanliness fanatic?

That’s how it is. I admit that I’m obsessed.

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Let’s go back to the beginning, have you succumbed to its charm?

It took him a year and a half to be with me.

Oh, really?

He invited me to go to Iga and he reserved a double room in a hotel.

Did they sleep together?

No. He thought she was the kind of girl he was used to.

And what happened?

I rested on that bed, but with my friend.

What did your friends think of the ‘little angel’?

They said I was a fool…

I look forward to it, keep up the good work.

I told him again and again: A woman can help you or destroy you, bring you down.

How is he behaving now?

Like every professional. If you drink, toast with unfrozen beer to protect your voice.

A hug, now it’s your partner’s turn.

Thanks for being here. The first interview, we got together, time has flown by and we continue to grow as a couple and family.

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Leonard: We’re getting married, and we’re going to mount the stork again

On a white sofa, Leonard listens to his wife’s statements, sometimes interspersed with jokes that break the formality of the conversation. So, I think his signature is to be happy and jovial.

Does he manage your finances?

He is my manager and he has already learned the business.

Do you have a lot of disagreements on work issues?

Sometimes, but she is as stubborn as a donkey and no one will change her.

Is it the case with family feuds?

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It takes 48 hours to get rid of anger.

Leonard Leon and Olenka Cuba (Photos by César Bueno @gec)

A drawback?

She’s very serious and she’s not funny and that’s why we clash.

When that happens, do they send you to the room?

not at all. Of course, small pot after small pot.

A detail?

He can’t see me going out with unwashed clothes and keeping everything in its place. It is also a sign of love.

A good house husband?

I cook and clean.

Does he help you prepare food?

The other day I went to pick up my daughter from school and told her to turn off the pot in five minutes.


I came back and everything was burnt.

Are you very kind?

Yes, but with fun.

She told me that you will find it difficult to win her over.

I renamed her ‘Wild Pony’, hard to ride.

Ikka’s journey did not go as planned.

I thought he accepted, he already knew what he was going for.


Little did I realize that she was a woman.

For example?

He wasn’t one to celebrate with his friend by slapping the palm of his hand. He had a different education.

His ‘pinkies’ told him you were a bastard.

But they ate and drank when they came with her to my invitations. On top were the ‘Huascas’.

Are they getting married?

Yes, we will reunite the family.

What have you learned so far?

Learn how to choose your life partner.

What is your pride?

9 years of house consolidation. Now we are going to ‘order the stork’.

What new title do you offer us?

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It is titled ‘A Woman Like You’ and is dedicated to all women who are every man’s companion.

How did we get to that song?

On all my sites and social networks.

A handshake and congratulations.

Hello to all the women of our country Peru, they deserve all the respect.

I interviewed them when they started the story, and today with a daughter, I see them for sure. I think they go through life with the Don philosophy Mario Benedetti: ‘Because side by side on the street, we are more than two‘.

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