Family Economy Bonus, February 2024: Register and collect 108.00 bolivars today in Venezuela | Homeland New Bonds

The scheduled distribution of this benefit at the beginning and end of each month has already arrived. Learn how to collect it now via Sistema Patria.

Distribution of family economic bonus begins in Venezuela | Photo: Libero Mix

Bonuses planned as part of safeguarding action Venezuela's economy They have been distributed among the citizens for some time and this time we have already implemented them Family Economic Bonus.

As is known, this advantage reached an amount 108 bolivars or 2.98 dollars ; It is scheduled for delivery in January 2024, and detailed new information is available this month. How much and when is it delivered?

When will they pay the Family Economic Bonus in February 2024?

The Venezuela bonus has already started with its distribution in full Beneficiary populationSo it comes at the end of January very close to the scheduled date, which is Tuesday the 23rd, and Now it comes today Saturday 24th February.

What is the household economic amount for February 2024?

Amount of money offered this time It is 108 bolivars, And as always Patria will land on the system and thus be charged by the respective users.

How to collect February family economic bonus?

  • Enter the Patria system and click 'Register'.
  • Fill the form and click 'Continue'.
  • Request, review and enter a confirmation code.
  • Fill in the blanks with the requested information and create a password.
  • Finally, click on the 'Register' button and that's it.

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