Farid Ott breaks down in tears for his daughter Jamili: Mariela Zanetti returns to Peru after four months in the US | Showbiz | programs

Farid Ott visited the sets of 'Dodo Se Filtra' and couldn't help but shed tears while talking about her daughter. Mariella Zanetti, Camille Ott, He returned to Peru after working and studying for four months in the United States.

“The truth is… I'm really excited because both my daughters are very close to me. I see her two or three times a week for work and study. He completed his studies this year She is my first child, I saw her birth, I filmed her birth, and now I look at her, I have to look up because she is beautiful.He said, overcome through tears.

Drome – Farid Ott is broken for his daughter Camille: returned to Peru after four months in America.

Besides, Farid Ott He admits that he was very immature before, but now has a good relationship with him Mariella Zanetti For his posterity. “Now she sees her parents in a more mature way, we have a very loving relationship and we are very good and calm for her,” He noted.

On the other hand, he promised Camille Ott She's ending her career this year, and while it's helped her and him mature, it's her first time working outside the country.

“I matured late, I'm 50 now, but I started to mature at 40 or 42, since my mother died.”he added Farid Ott.

Farid Odi's daughters are very similar

On the other hand, Farid Ott He highlighted that Jameel is very intelligent and studious, in addition to having a big heart. He also said that his 14-year-old sister is also a good girl and they both love each other very much.

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“She and her sister adore each other and they've grown apart, but I've always brought them together. They love each other, they adore each other, and to me that's very important, they're united, they're together.He noted.

Farid Ode is jealous of his daughter

Finally, Farid Ott He promises to be a jealous father and reveals that his daughter Camille already has a partner.Now she supposedly has a boyfriend here in Peru, and her mom is pimping her, and she's the pimp, and I'm the one who stops things. “I'm very jealous of my daughters, because they're so smart, I know how to make good choices, but I have to let them off the leash.”, He finished.

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