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Any child’s first birthday is always special. And, in general, decorations, balloons and gifts are everywhere. Candy and her husband make a cake for their beloved swaddling son, but it turns sour when one of them decides to pull a ‘prank’: She was crying because of what her husband had done. The case caused outrage in the US and thousands of people described it as an “irresponsible act”.

The moment went viral on Tiktok and the father of the family couldn’t bear to see his son unable to crack the cake as expected. accordingly, The man grabbed the large cake and did the unthinkable: he smashed it into his wife’s face. The moment earned her over 5 million views and thousands of comments that were sensitive to Candy.

Smashed the cake in his face

The 40-year-old didn’t expect her husband to have the guts to throw the cake in her face, and while playful, the act was downright embarrassing: “She wanted to strangle (the husband)”, The woman said after revealing how her creature’s birthday was ruined by an act.

In fact, her husband had already started pressing when he saw that his son could not do the ‘honours’ with the cake. It’s a ‘smash cake’ specially made for kids to dig into and spread the candy.. After encouragement and some applause, the adult couldn’t take it and decided to do what was defined as a punitive act.

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I cried like a baby for lost memories. They even cut the cake while I was taking a shower (…) If they do this again, he won’t live to talk about it.She talked about the awkward moment on tape.

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Within seconds, Candy’s husband had already ruined the name day and was branded a ‘bad father’ on the internet: “We didn’t get a photo before I showered. I don’t know why he thought it was a good idea.”She added that she was waiting for another birthday to see if they could work things out this time.

“Seriously, what this man did was no crime. A great punishment if done to a child”said someone curious between comments.

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