Viral TikTok | Venezuela criticizes Peruvians for “talking backwards” and receives harsh criticism: “You’re the one who gets it wrong” | Viral

A Venezuelan man in Peru has gone viral on TikTok for a controversial statement. Why? For making sure that the masses were “upside down”, but what she never expected was that thousands of people would come to the comments to lash out at her, assuring her that her words were wrong.

“Don’t understand why”is the description read in the video Kleimarr (@kleimarr)But we found out what it is: “They talk behind their backs, not all of them, most of them talk behind their backs … I don’t understand”.

That being said, the Venezuela give me some”examples” while smiling and saying: “Instead of saying ‘No, it’s from me’, ‘It’s from me’, here in Peru they say ‘It’s from me’… ‘Whose phone is that?… It’s from me, give me here. “I don’t understand”.

Watch the viral video here

The video was successful, as well as controversial, and has garnered little attention Over 1.1 million viewsWhere A Venezuelan living in Lima It received a hundred comments, mainly from Peruvians, who did not hesitate to forcefully deny it.

“And you’re the ‘complainant?’ And they’re like, ‘What’s that?”, “I’m from Peru, I’ve never heard of that”, “I’ve never heard of that in my life, I’m Peruvian”, “Strange, I’ve never been. I’ve never heard or seen that before”, “What are you? you speak?”, “In the mountains or in the north they may speak like that, but usually we don’t”, “Yes, but why do they say ‘complainant’?”, “My husband’s family speaks like this”, “Here in Ecuador too”, “I’m Peruvian and I’ve rarely heard the word ‘ya, pay’ mentioned many times.”.

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