'Film Festival 2024' already has a start date: celebration with tickets at 6ft across the country

All set to celebrate the first 'Film Festival' of 2024.

Traditional 'Film Festival' Will be back next week just to enjoy Lovers of the Seventh ArtBut for anyone who wants to disconnect for a few hours First run movie at popular price.

This activity is carried out at the national level National Association of Movie Theaters of Peru (ANASACI) It seeks to promote that a large number of visitors can enjoy national and international productions in Peru.

Most Watched Peruvian Movies of 2023: 'Suzy, A Waiter in Congress', 'Azu Mare: Los Amigos' and more. | Capture/Andean/Diffusion

The first edition of the 'Film Festival' in 2024 will be held in the fourth week of January. Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th. Please note that as the capacity of the rooms is limited, pre-sale of tickets will be carried out from this. Nationwide on Friday 19th.

Tickets from 6 Feet at the 'Cinema Festival' – Composition Credit Infobae/Edwin Montesinos/Dreamstime/Freepik

The price of going to the movies is special because of all the ways you can watch movies. Public can buy Tickets are limited to 6 soles in regular 2D, Xtreme and XD formats.

Meanwhile, special forms such as 3D, Prime and 4DX You can enjoy them at half the price. But that's not all, because the cafeterias of the Anasazi cinemas were able to offer combos at a price.

The 'Film Festival' will be held from January 22 to 24.

As of 2018, only Cinemark and Cineplanet cinemas are allowed to bring non-company-supplied food, in accordance with regulations established by the National Agency for Protection of Competition and Intellectual Property (Intecopi). They are equivalent to serving popcorn, soft drinks, water, candy etc. in establishments.

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Bringing outside food in theaters is prohibited.

The 'Film Festival' will be held across the country.

It is known that the 'Film Festival' will be held across the country in major chains like Cineplanet, Cinemark, Cinepolis, Cinema, UVK, Movie Time, Cine Star etc. Tickets can be purchased in physical form as well as in the virtual store of the cinema of your choice.

Cineplanet will close in 2023 with higher profits than last year. – Credit to Cineplanet

At the 'Film Festival' you can enjoy The Beekeeper's Death Penalty (with the inimitable Jason Statham), The Boy and the Heron (Studio Ghibli's most recent animation) and the re-release of Soul (from Disney). picture).

In addition to Peru images like He died laughingBy Gonzalo Ladine, Huedas speaking: Son T…Comedians Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza, and Beautiful islandBy Ani Alva Helfer.

International productions like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Wonka, Autumn Leaves, The Game of Death, The Snow Society, Boys, Priscilla, Wish: The Power of Wishes continue on the billboard.

  1. 'Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced' (04/20/2023) – 1,034,4922 visitors
  2. 'Asu Mare!: Friends' (02/09/2023) – 717,3213 visitors
  3. 'The Beautiful Island' (11/30/2023) – 485,4194 visitors
  4. Suzy is a star in Congress. (10/26/2023) – 414,6535 visitors
  5. Desirable Bachelor 2′ (07/06/2023) – 247,8846 visitors
  6. 'A Great Adventure' (01/12/2023) – 106,4037 visitors
  7. 'Wonders, an extraordinary bear' (07/27/2023) – 93,4338 visitors
  8. “lie'' (05/10/2023) – 92,3529 visitors
  9. 'I am innocent' (01/19/2023) – 72.04110 visitors
  10. 'Don't go out' (09/14/2023) – 69,297 visitors
More than 80 Peruvian films were released in 2023, some of which reached Peruvian cinemas and became box office hits. | Diffusion/Composite Infobae Perú
  1. 'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' (06/08/2023) 3,760,064 visitors
  2. 'Super Mario Bros. The Movie' (04/06/2023) 3,282,771 visitors
  3. 'barbie' (07/20/2023) 2,009,723 visitors
  4. 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. (05/04/2023) 1,818,360 visitors
  5. 'Fast and Furious X' (05/18/2023) 1,759,082 visitors
  6. 'The Nun 2' (09/07/2023) 1,109,769 visitors
  7. 'Five Nights at Freddy's' (10/26/2023) 1,103,586 visitors
  8. 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania' (02/16/2023) 1,039,875 visitors
  9. 'Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced' (04/20/2023) 1,034,492 visitors
  10. 'elements' (06/22/2023) 1,033,494 visitors
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