‘Samu’ Reveals Giuliana’s Motives in Supporting Guto: “She’s Looking for an Answer from Magali” Web Ojo Farandula | eye view

Months have passed since Gisela Valcárcel was hired Giuliana Rengifo For ‘El Gran Show’ after his last fight Magali Medina Now the singer broke the ‘Magpie’ again and supported Guto Guadalupe and his threats, but everything would have another purpose and Samuel Suarez tried to find out.

Meera: Giuliana Rengifo backs Gutto’s legal action against Magali: “We all want her to pay”

find out It began by making it clear that he did not share the view that Giuliana RengifoBut respecting his right to offer it, he then approached the reason he wanted to speak: “Maybe he’s looking to Magali for an answer, maybe, but he’s given his opinion, and I don’t think many Rathujas agree.”

But not everything is wrong GiulianaBecause of their rivalry, journalists sought out the singer’s opinion Magali Medina And he’ll take the opportunity to put his store opening on camera.

In its broadcast on Wednesday, May 17, Magali At no point did he mention Rajiyam Giuliana Rengifo in support Kudo According to Samu, the singer is looking forward to it: “I think Giuliana is cheering him on today to see if he’ll answer her later, since he’s already gone and yesterday’s newspaper is with her reply.”

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