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National Observatory of Higher University Education (sound) institutions of higher education set various standards and licenses such as the quality of their teachers and their facilities. However, various Peruvian universities could not comply with these rulings and had to close, so that thousands of students had to start their studies at another institution.

What are the 5 Peruvian universities not licensed by Tsunedu?

  • Juan Pablo II Private University (UJPII): Established in the year 2010, the research house located at Aet had 930 students and a staff of 90 teachers. However, they were forced to shut down by Tsunade because they did not comply with certain regulations.
  • Telesup Private University: According to the resolution of Sunedu Board of Directors, Telesup could not demonstrate compliance with the basic quality conditions and, despite not being able to get more students, it had to wind down its operations within two years. Likewise, the degrees and titles awarded by them are valid and recognized.
  • University of Alas Peruanas (UAP): The institute of higher education closed its doors on November 16, 2021, after Sunadu’s license was rejected. Therefore, students who were able to enroll at that time could either transfer to another licensed university or verify their studies.
  • Private University of Pugalpa: Sunedu denied company license in 2019 for not complying with Core Quality Conditions (CBC). After giving a two-year deadline to close it down, the university ended its operations in 2021.
  • University of Science of Peru (UCP): This higher education institution has not achieved the institutional license from Tsunedu in 2023. However, this time its students were able to verify their studies at other licensed universities.
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According to SUNEDU, what are the best universities in AREQUIPA?

Tsunedu classified the three universities in Arequipa in the III Report on the University Reality of Peru because of the difficult internal work carried out by these institutions. Among them National University of San Agustin (UNSA) is ranked 9th, followed by Universidad Católica Santa Maria (UCSM) at 23rd and finally Universidad Católica San Pablo (UCSP) at 25th. It is important to mention. These study houses are licensed in the ‘White City’. In addition, there are a total of 20 universities and 15 institutes, both public and private.

Which Peruvian universities are considered the best in the world?

According to the international ranking CWUR 2024 Universidad Peruana Cayetano Herdia (UPCH) is the best in Peru with 68.1 points and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) with 67.2 points. These private universities ranked 1,402 and 1,628 on the list, which is why they were able to surpass institutions like San Marcos or UNI nationally. This prestigious CWUR ranking supports its results based on education, employability, faculty and various surveys of more than 20,000 universities around the world.

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