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Last Monday, September 18, In BoluarteThe President declared a state of emergency in the districts San Juan de Luricancho, San Martin de Porres Y Sullana (Beura) As a measure to counter organized crime and crime. In this case, as it is not known when this judgment will come into effect and what it contains, many doubts have arisen for the people living in these places. Below, we’re going to answer these questions and more.

What did President Tina Polwarte say about the state of emergency?

Let’s remember that Boluarte declared a state of emergency from New York (United States). Peru’s first president is at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations. He assured that the move was a result of one of the agreements reached in the cabinet meeting.

“In this fight against crime, we have decided this morning to declare a state of emergency in the three districts of San Juan de Luricancho, San Martín de Borres and Sullana (in Buera), so that it can be done decisively and closely. For the population, let the police be, but within the legal framework that the two institutions have The army will also come to support the police,” announced the head of state on TV Perú.

When will the state of emergency go into effect in San Martin de Porres, San Juan de Luricancho and Sullana?

For the first time, Interior chief Vicente Romero assured that the case was coordinated with the Peruvian National Police (PNP) in the face of the unfortunate crime incidents that occurred in the SJL district that left more than 10 people dead. Injuries from which people died. In this way, he announced that the action should be released on Tuesday, September 19.

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“Indifference is one of the main inputs to the insecurity of citizens, therefore, it has been decided to inform the Council of Ministers today (18th) about the problem in San Juan de Luricancho, San Martin de Porres and Sullana. . So (through an extraordinary session) the state of emergency must be approved accordingly, and tomorrow it must be published in El Peruano newspaper,” Romero told a conference.

Then, on the night of Tuesday, September 19, the decree was issued It establishes a state of emergency for 60 days in the districts of San Juan de Lurigancho (SJL) and San Martín de Porres (SMP) in Lima, given the high rate of crime and delinquency plaguing the country.

In The state of emergency also applies to the districts of Sullana, Bellavista, Margavelica, Salitral, Querecotillo, Ignacio Escudero and Miguel Sega in Sullana (Pura) province in Peru’s north, according to official newspaper El Peruano. .

“Social events and programs are suspended from 00:00 am to 4:00 am wherever the state of emergency applies,” the Supreme Order highlighted.

Because of Dina Boluarte’s revelation, the mayors of the Commonwealth of Lima raised their voices and said they too wanted their districts to be declared in a state of emergency. They have issued a statement emphasizing this demand.

“We insist that the districts of East Lima be included in the declaration of emergency, with the support of armed people in the frontline fight against crime, and the strategy to be intensified with a comprehensive and regional intervention in areas with high crime rates. Forces for the police of our country of Peru”, they explained.

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“We as local authorities join together to strengthen the frontline fight against insecurity, protect the security of the citizens of more than 3 million citizens and restore peace to them. We will certainly achieve everything, bar none,” they added.

What does state of emergency mean?

Suspend or restrict free traffic

– Suspension or restriction of freedom of assembly

-Suspend the inviolable right of home (due to suspicion, the police or military can enter your home without a court order)

– Allowing intervention of armed forces for control and surveillance.

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