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He Lithium It is considered the white gold of the 21st century. Due to its many uses, this metal is highly appreciated and loved by different countries of the world, especially in fields like technology and medicine where it is of great help. For that matter, do you know which country has the largest lithium reserves? South America Is it a step away from Peru? Here we tell you this and other details you need to know about this topic.

Which country in South America has lithium reserves and is one step away from Peru?

According to Bloomberg, Bolivia has the largest lithium reserves in South America (at 21 million tons). However, there are infrastructural and technical issues to be overcome to get it done efficiently.

However, the hill country has established challenges to be faced in the medium and long term. Among these targets, for example, is becoming a leading player in global lithium supply.

Which country is the largest exporter of lithium in the world?

  • Chile: 9,300,000 tons
  • Australia: 6,200,000 tonnes
  • Argentina: 2,700,000 tons
  • China: 2,000,000 tons
  • United States: 1,000,000 tons
  • Canada: 930,000 tons
  • Zimbabwe: 310,000 tonnes
  • Brazil: 250,000 tons
  • Portugal: 60,000 tons.

What are some lithium interests?

According to the Zschimmer-Schwarz.e portal, below are some curiosities about lithium that you should know:

  • Along with hydrogen and helium, lithium is believed to be one of the first elements in the universe.
  • Its name means “stone” in Greek because it was found in rock formations.
  • Unlike other elements, lithium is not found in a free state in nature. Instead, it combines with other elements to form compounds. However, these compounds are almost all rocks and mineral springs.
  • Lithium is the lightest metal and least dense solid element, half the density of water, meaning that if lithium does not react with water, it will float on top of it.
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Which country in America has the worst standard of living?

According to a report by the NGO Against Hunger, Guatemala is ranked as one of the countries with the worst quality of life in Latin America.

The NGO highlights that poverty levels in the region are not accidental, but derive from various factors that hinder development in most Latin American countries.

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