“Fine and red for Alto Corso”: FIFA consultant's stark stance after uncalled foul in Universitario vs Cusco FC for Ligue 1 2024

“Penalty and red”: FIFA adviser's firm stance after unpaid foul against Alto Corso in Universitario vs Cusco FC for Ligue 1 2024 – Credit: Spread

Sports University suffered but managed to defeat by a narrow margin Cusco FC In the match related to the 8th Opening match 2024. However, the match was marred by controversy Aet's Memorial Stadium According to the former referee and now FIFA consultant, it was not without controversy. Miguel ScheimThe visiting side were obviously suffering and didn't have the best chance to level the score.

A Central Judge appointed by the National Commission of Arbitrators (Connor) for the said competition, Diego HarrowAgain involved in an unfavorable situation, because when the score was already 1-0 advantage 'U' And this 'Empires' They were outnumbered and were not awarded a penalty from the defender Alto Corso On Argentina striker Juan Manuel Tevez.

The act in question happened 38 minutes into the opening period, when the 'Gaucho' winger Nicholas Silva He launched himself through the left flank of the local defense and took a cross with his left foot into the opposite area. Despite his efforts to clear the ball, Paraguay's centre-back Williams Riveros failed to reach his goal and the ball continued its natural course towards the far post. 'Buffalo' Tevez rose to connect with a header a few meters away from Uruguayan Sebastian Brittos' defending goal. However, when the 36-year-old striker was about to intervene, Corso Chavez He hit the back and moved him so his shot wasn't the best and ended up in the goal kick.

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The referee felt it was not appropriate to show the Universitario's captain a maximum penalty or a red card. Video Referee System (was), led by Cesar GarciaNothing interfered and the game resumed.

Late in the first half, a 'U' defender illegally brought down Argentina, but Diego Haro missed a penalty. (Coal Peru)

If for the list of responsible arbitrators Universitario vs Cusco FC The idea that there is no punishment FIFA consultant Miguel Scheim It is completely different. According to an analysis spread across their social networks, Alto Corso He should be expelled and the transgression punished. He alleges that VAR's chief responsibility is for what happened.

“Carlos Garcia, Referee was recently promoted to the first category. A well-positioned referee with incident, angle and distance in the penalty area achieves the objective that the footballer cannot play the ball without noticing an illegal charge from behind with minimal intensity. He should have been sanctioned in accordance with the rules, fined and red cardedFor being a part of avoiding a clear scoring opportunity,” he noted on his YouTube account.

In the same evaluation, the expert noted that Diego Haro should have been called by the video referee, to monitor the monitor installed at the place carefully and from different angles.

“Within the framework of the current regulations, the VAR should have called for an on-field review to analyze the dispute in the area. VAR had to analyze effects, contact point, goals and intensity with different angles and speeds.The arbitrator can analyze whether or not a foul has occurred.

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Similarly, Miguel Scheim pointed after the goalkeeper's foul against Alex Valera in the penalty shootout. Andy Vidal The footballer should not have been sent off Cusco FC Due to double punishment rule. “In cases of obvious scoring, fouls inside the area in controversial plays with the ball, a yellow card is given. The rest of the fouls with a red card (volley ball, push etc.). Always outside the area with a red card,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

FIFA adviser Miguel Scheim insists goalkeeper Andy Vidal should not have been sent off by Diego Horo in Universitario vs Cuzco FC – Credit: Twitter

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