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He Solesa Colossal The fireball that dominates our solar system is the source of life Energy To our planet. His luz And heat allows us to enjoy a livable climate with temperatures to implement The Balance liquid water and, therefore, Life We know. However, a paradox arises when looking at space exterior: If the sun is capable of generating that energy, why? Space Is it too cold to surround you?

To understand this puzzle, we must first understand what the sun looks like is warming up Earth. The answer is not as simple as thinking that “heat” is transmitted directly from the star to us. the planet. In reality, the process is very complex and involved Communication Enter here Solar radiation And this Meaning.

Difference Between Earth and Space

He Sol It produces a large amount of energy Cor through nuclear reactions. This energy is released in the form of Electromagnetic radiationtravels as waves through space. This radiation is made up of different types of waves, including luz Visible, infrared rays and rays Ultraviolet.

when Radiation The sun reaches and meets the earth Atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of gases like nitrogen, Oxygen and carbon dioxide, are efficient absorb Solar radiation. to absorb energy of radiation, Molecules These gases are agitated and officer temperature, Warms the atmosphere.

The atmosphere, in turn, Transfers heat to the Earth's surface through various mechanisms such as convection and conduction. It also radiates heat towards the earth SpaceBut in smaller quantities than it receives from the Sun, in this way, a Balance allowable heat temperature Earth will be livable.

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Now, why not heat the space the same way? The answer is simple: Space is almost a vacuum. The density There is so much matter in space BajaThat means there are very few particles Solar radiation can interact with it. Without enough material to absorb the energy RadiationThis is It simply travels through space without heating it. As it is luz The sun will try to warm one Sombra: There is nothing to absorb the energy, so no heat is produced.

Even though space is cold, that doesn't mean it's completely cold Frozen. Temperature of space It differs Depending on the region, but generally it's around -270°C. Certain objects in space, such as stars and planets, can heat themselves to different temperatures. InstructionsNuclear reactions or Friction. Space temperature is an issue Complicated Still under investigation Scientists.

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