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Being the director of the Ibero-American Museum of Modern Art in Madrid, an institution dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Culture, is not easy for the intellectual Antonio Dumas (Óscar Martínez). This is in a recent fiction by Star Plus across Latin America.

we talk”fine arts”, a black comedy that shows the contrasts faced by Dumas, a seasoned artist, who tries to combine his work life with an escape from his close family split (son and grandson).

But it caught the attention of those who had already seen the first six episodes “fine arts” not only is Peru mentioned, but also has some significance in part of the plot.

What does it say about Peru?

Peru has its place in history as “Mariel”, a former partner of museum director Antonio, went to live there a long time ago. A third person visits the character played by Oscar Martinez and urges him to support Mariel played by Angela Molina. Reason: His timing is not right.

Although Dumas initially refused to make direct recommendations on issues such as work at the museum, after a few days he decided to send remittances to his former partner.

That's when the role of Javier, a janitor at the museum, originally from Peru, arises to ask Dumas how to send money safely, parallel to the banking system.

Javier is a janitor at the museum where Antonio Dumas is the director. (Photo: STAR PLUS)

Before Dumas asks Javier for help, the main character of the Star Plus series starts talking about our country.

I love Peru and besides the quality of the people and the history, I think Lima is the city with the best restaurants in the world.

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“But that's when a foreigner sees it. It is a very difficult country. no work. Violence, poverty, inequality,” Javier replies.

Difficulty everywhereDumas reacts.

“No. It's too bad there, that's why we move everywhere,” Javier concludes.

– Okay, I understandAntonio says to get off topic.

Where does Mariel live?

According to the plot “fine arts“, Dumas' ex-partner lives in Lamba, “the city in the forest.” That's what Dumas says when talking to Javier.

Lampa is actually in Puno, as it appears on screen in another episode, “Bellas Artes”, and it is 3892 meters above sea level.

It was there that Dumas would send his cargo to Mariel, and the brave woman never imagined what response she would receive later.

About the series and its protagonist

“Bellas Arts” was created by Gaston Dubrat, Andrés Trubat and Mariano Cohn. It is an Argentinian-Spanish co-production. It airs on Star Plus in Latin America and Movistar+ in Spain

Oscar Martinez He is internationally recognized for his roles in films like “Illustrious Citizen”, “Wild Tales” and, most recently, “Live Twice”.

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