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Meta and OpenAI have achieved success in the US and a good part of the world with their work in artificial intelligence. Chinese giant Alibaba wants to copy that… or surpass it.

Alibaba announced that it will open up its own artificial intelligence model to third-party developers to increase the use of its product and take leadership in the technology. I had already given it in April, But the August expansion was a big hit.

Dongqi Qianwen, A big bet to clash with Meta is the name of Alibaba’s Large Language Model (LLM). What are its best features? They can be seen in five data points.

Tongyi Qianwen is similar to ChatGPT

LLM Tongyi Qianwen is trained in big data: her foundation is like OpenAI’s ChatGPT generative artificial intelligence. Human-like responses to user prompts.

The Chinese market is a big advantage for Alibaba

The huge Chinese market is an important point for Alibaba’s artificial intelligence. Dongqi Qianwen allows you to create content in English and Chinese, It has different sample sizes including 7 billion parameters and more.

Who Can Help Build Chinese Artificial Intelligence?

According to CNBC, Alibaba will unveil the Qwen-7B, a 7-billion-parameter model, along with a version designed for chat applications. Qwen-7B-Chat. ¿Who will have access? Researchers, educators and companies around the world can use them to develop their own AI applications.

Will Alibaba’s language model reach the cloud?

No association has been notified in this regard. But it is very possible that it will happen. In 2023, Meta opened up its large language model Llama to researchers, and since July it has made Llama 2 available on the Azure cloud.

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Alibaba’s early profits…

Businesses with more than 100 million monthly active users will need it A royalty-free license to use Alibaba’s artificial intelligence, But the little one doesn’t need it. Distribution will be key for the Chinese company to gain more users for its AI model.

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